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Called A "Terrorist" By A T/O

Posted by Nilet on Sun Dec 9 00:42:46 2007


OK, so a t/o called me a "terrorist" for taking photos. Even though I hadn't actually taken any photos at the time. And acted in a semi-unprofessional manner. And (sorta) incited passengers against me by declaring "I won't move the train if you're on it" and "I'm gonna take this train out of service" or words to that effect. And, although I'm not fully certain, did some unsafe sorts of things during operation. This goes far beyond anything I've ever encountered from any Empty Yay workers and I'd kinda like to complain, but on the other hand, I really don't want to get a t/o in trouble unless really necessary. Should I just let this go? Or what should I do? I don't think any laws were broken, although I can't swear that all of the Empty Yay's rules were upheld. At present, I might just let it go, but I figured I should ask some other SubChatters about it, especially other T/Os. Either way, I'm pretty sure the worst course of action would be to simply post call letters and details of transgressions here, so I won't be doing that.

Incidentally, this was only one of three "encounters" had during my all-day railfanning, although the other two may have been sparked by this first one. Since no cop was ever found, this didn't end in a police encounter. The other two did, and contain many important story details, but I may have to wait until I upload the video from those encounters.


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