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Re: Learning how to respect other SubChatters

Posted by Nilet on Tue Dec 11 17:24:06 2007, in response to Re: Learning how to respect other SubChatters, posted by RonInBayside on Tue Dec 11 16:40:51 2007.


"I tried to debate him, which was when he argued that my age (over 18) combined with the fact that I disagreed with him was evidence that I could handle being an officer in the army in Iraq and commanding soldiers during operations under fire, but couldn't handle one drink at home"

Because those are two separate things, and are not automatically linked.

Not "automatically" linked, maybe, but they are, in fact, linked. Both require judgement, the ability to think clearly, and the ability to recognize and take actions to avoid risks, but to different degrees. They're linked in much the same way that picking up a stray paper and lifting a car off a little kid are linked. You are, by this analogy, saying that I am strong enough to lift the car but not strong enough to pick up the paper.

Respect for an underage soldier does not mean you give the soldier anything he wants. You give him that which he can handle.

And he can handle roadside bombs, enemy snipers, ambushes, enemies hidden amongst civilians, rescue missions under fire, and ordering other soldiers under any of those conditions, but not a can of beer?

There is good evidence to show that an 18-year old's brain, on average, is affected much more by alcohol than a 21 year old's brain.

You haven't provided this evidence. However, even if an 18-year-old's brain is more heavily affected by any given amount of alcohol, this is not reason to suggest that any amount of alcohol is dangerous and deadly.

It takes maturity to understand that. You do not possess this maturity.


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