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MTA training (Re: Called A ''Terrorist'' By A T/O)

Posted by SelkirkTMO on Wed Dec 12 02:17:52 2007, in response to Called A "Terrorist" By A T/O, posted by Nilet on Sun Dec 9 00:42:46 2007.

Been following this for a while, and while 1059(c) is there and for real and all, I didn't notice anyone pointing out the T/O's situation (and if it was, sorry - thread is just WAY too big to find anything)

Both NYPD and NYCT personnel have received instructions as to what constitutes "suspicious activities" and they have a problem. Since they've been specifically instructed to report, and follow up on these "suspicious activities" they can get in SERIOUS trouble for not doing so, even if the memos and training they've received runs counter to 1059(c).

There's a reality known as "dereliction of duty" for failure to follow written and oral instructions from their supervisors. And to make matters worse for the "foot soldiers" supervision is out there doing what is known as "efficiency tests" to ensure that they follow the letter of these bulletins. Failure to do so gets THEM in big trouble even if the orders they've received are incorrect. Some may be in fear of actual terrorism, however most are FAR more fearful of their supervisors and getting tripped up in an "efficiency test."

Many cops and transit employees have no idea of "buffs" and their desire to shoot pictures of things other than friends on a platform. Cops and transit employees have been told specifically that people taking pictures of the INSIDE of trains, tracks, signals, interlockings and other "infrastructure" are *specifically* "suspicious activity." And waving paperwork at them of unknown origin not on an official bulletin isn't considered valid. They've been told one thing, y'all are trying to tell them what they were told is wrong.

Guess whose word WINS? Since I'm expecting argument, I'll spell it out - the BULLETIN and their "antiterrorism class."

So even if you're right about photography, one needs to consider the situation the employee is in. They've been instructed QUITE specifically to report ANY "suspicious activity" and like it or not, they've been instructed that what you're doing IS. Yes, they've been instructed incorrectly, but they still have to follow the rules they've been given. They really don't have much choice unless their own personal BS meter is well calibrated. And like I said, most don't understand what y'all are doing.

Try to understand THEIR situation. If you are polite, calm, explain calmly to them that you're not a threat, you're a "buff" and you're doing this only for your own enjoyment and don't mean to harm anyone. If they still want to call it in, and you don't wish to honor their "don't do this" then be prepared to deal with the authorities in a calm manner. If the authorities who appear don't get it either, ask for them to call in supervision and remain calm. Once it's over and they can determine that you're really NOT a threat, you'll have wasted some of your own time, might have even missed a "to die for photo" but in the end, you'll have one MORE person who has an understanding of it all.

I've taken MANY photos in the past year, even a couple on PATH on a simple basis of being polite, ASKING if I can take a picture of X and I've never had a problem by letting them know what I want, showing them the shot and everyone walking away happily. Even got a photo of that PATH PA-4 car that burned up earlier this year as a result at JSQ. But then, I do it differently than folks who seem to keep having problems. Terrorists don't sneak about, and they most definitely don't walk up to employees and ask "is it OK if I?"

Clearly though there's miscommunication here ... the train operator, in my eyes, is NOT at fault here. Seems a little bit more "re-education" is required, and perhaps that's where the effort should go ... I've said this before. And it's worked for me every time.


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