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Re: MTA training (Re: Called A ''Terrorist'' By A T/O)

Posted by SelkirkTMO on Wed Dec 12 02:50:09 2007, in response to Re: MTA training (Re: Called A ''Terrorist'' By A T/O), posted by RonInBayside on Wed Dec 12 02:29:49 2007.

Given that there is a real threat of a terrorist attack of some sort, by SOME group (not necessarily Muslim suiciders - after all, subway's been bombed LOTS of times before, not once by Muslims so far) there *is* a valid reason for the bulletin.

Now to GENUINELY piss off the pope here, what *I* would suggest to satisfy all comers is a provision for the MTA to issue an official indentification card (same for PATH and other transit) where the inquiring photog can provide proof of identity, submit to a cursory background check and MTA issue a photo ID at a reasonable cost since they have the facilities to do so already for their employees.

WHat a LOVELY simple answer - a card you can hang on your person with photo ID saying "I'm already on file, leave me the fark alone!" Like an employee pass, flashing same should solve any such problems without further interruption to anyone's sanity. But I'll bet that's a no-go among the group. But that'd certainly settle it if they're unable to talk reasonably to anyone they encounter who says no ... I've had many adversary encounters over the years that I was able to quickly defuse and get permission to go places and do things no one else has ever been able to.

Conrail allowed me to operate locomotives in revenue. CSX has allowed me to take photos inside their locomotives AFTER 9/11 and even walk the property for more interesting shots. All a matter of letting the authorities involved know when I would be there, provide ID ahead of time, let them have a "government sniff" and be vouched for by trusted employees. What *really* gets one in trouble though is acting sneaky and behaving strangely ... guaranteed to get you a personal "government sniff" up close. And pop off once you're stopped and make a scene? Heh.

Well ... offered my advice, and as usual, it'll be dissed. Did my bit by posting what I did ... I have no problem showing paperwork and proving that I'm not a problem. And go out of my way to increase the peace so I can do what I really want to do with everybody calm about it. :)


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