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Re: MTA training (Re: Called A ''Terrorist'' By A T/O)

Posted by SelkirkTMO on Fri Dec 14 14:03:34 2007, in response to Re: MTA training (Re: Called A ''Terrorist'' By A T/O), posted by Terrapin Station on Fri Dec 14 13:39:46 2007.

I'll wait for Sarge to see this and chide in if he wishes ... yes, cops DO have discretion. If you can ASSURE them to their satisfaction that you're not a threat or an asshole, then you can go on your merry way after a "government sniff" ... but SCREW with them, and they can make for "interesting times" indeed.

DHS *wants* reports of "suspicious activities" that have any modicum of merit. Piss off a cop, or cause an "incident" and REST ASSURED, you'll have a file. So no, don't dismiss what I said, all a matter of HOW you handle a situation. And there's PLENTY of morons with dossiers. :)

The directive is "NOTIFY" of ANY "suspcious activity." You're being selective here. And yes, the bulletin as WELL as the video training make it VERY clear that photography of "infrastructure" *IS* terrorist activity and DHS *wants* names taken on ANY such! As to whether it happens or not comes down to the usual NYPD "is this worth the paperwork or should we just beat the qwap out of them and leave them on a curb somewhere?" determination.

And as to the T/O ... for the LAST and FINAL time, they DID what they were INSTRUCTED to. Failure to carry out written instruction in civil service is the basis for being brought up on charges of "dereliction of duty" and "failure to follow instructions." TRUST me, this is serious stuff which is WHY the reaction Nilet got. When you've been a civil servant and sworn in, you can finally tell me "Selkirk was right about it ... dayum!" But UNTIL you've been sworn in, sorry ... WRONG!

LAST comment, bro ... you are *WRONG* ... every which way but loose. 1059c is *NOT* part of the instructions given, and is COMPLETELY irrelevant ... take THAT issue up with MANAGEMENT ... it is NOT the hourlies' concern! Their concern is "DO what you're TOLD ... OR ELSE!" :(


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