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Re: MTA training (Re: Called A ''Terrorist'' By A T/O)

Posted by Terrapin Station on Fri Dec 14 13:55:08 2007, in response to Re: MTA training (Re: Called A ''Terrorist'' By A T/O), posted by SelkirkTMO on Fri Dec 14 13:45:18 2007.

I can't FATHOM why the train wasn't met or cops didn't appear "magickally" ...

Because many (hopefully the majority) cops know that this photography stuff is B.S., and if they have anything remotely more important or pressing to do, they will do it, and not ran after a photographer. And I mean this in a way that does not violate police protocols - I'm assuming that you respond to calls/issues in the order of importance (per your discretion), unless given a direct order by a superior officer.

I have NO idea as to why the T/O's call wasn't honored, but I also know that the railroad ain't what it used to be either with too many layers of "Simon says" to sign off on ANSWERING a call.

It has been posted here that it is not unheard of to call control or a tower or whatever and not get an immediate response.

Dunno why, wasn't there, dunno all the facts other than I was told that the person in question was NOT disciplined and since when anyone SNEEZES here, someone else goes downtown, then looks like she was in the right for handling things the way she did or she'd be on the street. I *assume* it's been investigated already since this place has more "platform conductors" in the house of pain than Grand Central.

Again, how do they know who the T/O was? And if you know she wasn't disciplined, then how come you don't know if it was even investigated!!??!!

I *honestly* don't know ... said my piece in trying to explain WHY the particular T/O did what they felt they HAD to, and apparently no problem with HOW they did it as far as management goes. Again, going back to my original comment - there's a problem with the TRAINING of the hourlies for this to have happened in the first place. I do NOT have the video, and I do NOT have the memo. More than seven friends have discussed this with me privately and have told me that what happened IS an issue raised in several bulletins as well as "safety training" and that the T/O *followed* what they were trained to do.

I've already addressed this.

If it is UNSAFE to operate as to a possible threat, rule is do NOT move the train until the situation is resolved. Discharge the train if there's a potential threat and above all else, demand backup.

Which was not the case here.

Training only goes so far

B.S. Plenty of NYCT employees do not exhibit ANY of the behavior that a few select ones do.

perhaps Nilet should take comfort in the fact that the T/O didn't break out their official TWU "Plastic safety pack" which would mean total escalation.


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