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Re: MTA training (Re: Called A ''Terrorist'' By A T/O)

Posted by Terrapin Station on Thu Dec 13 00:08:22 2007, in response to Re: MTA training (Re: Called A ''Terrorist'' By A T/O), posted by trainsarefun on Wed Dec 12 23:28:28 2007.

Well, I'll state the reason for my skepticism, which may or may not be justified. I've never met Mr. Nilet nor do I know much about him other than that he takes pictures, and shoots video, of trains.

Bot plenty of other frequent posters here HAVE met him and have not indicated any reason to doubt him. I have met him, talked with him, and railfanned with him on several occasions.

I also know that he's had an inordinate number of run-ins with authorities concerning this activity. Maybe that's very bad luck, maybe he has a certain look that they don't like, maybe he meets some profile - I don't know.

Right, YOU don't know. But that doesn't matter. No matter the reason, there is a proper way to deal with anyone who an employee or policeman finds suspicious in relation to photography, and that way does not involve saying that photography is not permitted. That's the only issue here.

So we started out being told that there was evidence in the form of a video. I haven't seen this footage. To my knowledge, no one has. As the saying goes, 'Let's go to the videotape.'

Maybe I missed it, but I thought he said only the audio would be worthwhile in said video, since the lens was pointing at his copy of the rules.

Secondly, we haven't heard from the NYCT employee in question. Even if you want to say that this person was wrong in her behavior, it would be nice to hear her account of things.

And we're likely not going to hear from her. You realize that, right? Also, after countless reports from many people here of employees telling them photography is not allowed, and even getting belligerent about it, what reason do you have to doubt that this incident could have occurred as he said it did?

None of this means that I question whether or not Nilet told the truth; perhaps he told the truth as he recalls it. But we have reason so far to doubt that recollection. As I recall the twists and turns of this post, Nilet has already altered his account as to being called a "terrorist" - perhaps further reflection and study would move everyone toward a true account of what happened.

I don't consider that a twist. He originally said he was called a terrorist, and then he changed that to her saying that what he was doing is something a terrorist does. I think the intent of both statements is the same. I don't see a lack of honesty issue with him making that correction of the facts. Being in such a situation can certainly be a traumatic experience.

Lastly, if Nilet believes that he was viciously wronged, has this proof of the wrong, then why doesn't he demand action? I was mistreated by a NYCT bus operator once. I gathered witnesses, wrote down the run number, time, bus number, and a description of the driver, called the depot, got referred to the superintendent, and relayed my information. He checked the story, which checked out, and the employee was disciplined. The superintendent apologized on behalf of the organization, and I accepted with no hard feelings. I thought I was wronged and did something about it. My expectation is that if anyone takes serious offense, they will do the same.

I believe he stated that one of the reasons he posted this story was to find out if people here think he should go ahead and "take action".

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