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Re: MTA training (Re: Called A ''Terrorist'' By A T/O)

Posted by SelkirkTMO on Fri Dec 14 12:17:56 2007, in response to Re: MTA training (Re: Called A ''Terrorist'' By A T/O), posted by Terrapin Station on Fri Dec 14 12:06:05 2007.

You still don't understand civil service. If you get a bulletin and it says "report suspicious activities" AND they illustrate some examples of what they mean, then you put your head down, wear your jockstrap and EXPECT to be "efficiency tested" by a beakie on what you were just instructed to do. You don't argue, you DON'T interpret, and you DO NOT assess ... you *DO* what you were TOLD to, nothing else. If something presents itself which was NOT in the tape, you CALL IT IN.

If you were taught that something is TERRORISM, then you are govened accordingly as to your instructions. Hourlies are not PERMITTED to "think" ... they're REQUIRED under LAW to DO WHAT THEY'RE TOLD! What part of this don't you get?

If there's argument about it, that's what SUPERVISION is there for.

The behavior in question isn't about logic, isn't about authority, isn't about policy, isn't about ANYTHING other than "Simon says" and if in DOUBT, ask Simon if they SAID. This is the absolutely LAST time I'm going to say this ... in CIVIL SERVICE, brains are ISSUED. If you were NOT issued one by your agency, brain is someone ELSE'S job and WOE be to ye if you act "out of title." :(

If this occurred, and all we've heard is TRUE, then there's a problem in the TRAINING. That's all I've ever said and I still maintain that. No personal offense, but all this yammering isn't on the head of the motorperson - they did what they were TOLD to do ... someone needs to confront MANAGEMENT about it if anyone came away from S.H.I.T. with a misimpression of the directives ...

T/O's job is to run the train unless governed otherwise. Obviously, TRAINING altered that course. :(


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