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Re: Respect the T/O's request not to film her

Posted by Nilet on Thu Dec 13 01:13:35 2007, in response to Re: Respect the T/O's request not to film her, posted by ntrainride on Thu Dec 13 00:26:39 2007.


So, I'm surprised you object to my p.o.v.

Really? Take a closer look.

You say the dude got pissed at your activities.

At my "activities?" The excuse he gave for attacking me was that I "looked" at him; that is, I glanced at him as I walked past since I saw reason to believe he was a threat. He may have already been pretty pissed off, partly by my existence and partly by the fact that I refused to give him money.

That's the way lots of folks are.

My experience, thankfully, tells me otherwise.

And no, I don't think most people are carrying.

Ah, that's good.

But surely you can understand that it's neither your right nor privilege to present yourself in a way that would get a fellow passenger so incensed.

It's "neither my right or my privilege" to glance at someone I think is a threat, or to refuse to give them money on demand?

It's like, do you walk up to guys and tell them they smell, or their mother's a slut?

Oh, come on! There's a very big difference between walking up to someone and insulting them and having someone shady-looking walk up to you in an empty station and demand change for a bill they don't appear to have, threaten you, and later attack you when you glance at them.

It's mainly, respect for the dignity of others.

Just a quick reminder: I'm the victim in this incident. I was attacked unprovoked. In case you forgot.

Even if what they consider their "dignity" might seem strange or absurd to you. In public that's the fare to be paid.

His "dignity," apparently, required that I give him money. Although he had just asked for change and didn't make it explicit that he was trying to rob me, the entire thing seemed iffy, especially since he didn't seem to have the bill he wanted change for. Respecting people's dignity in public is, perhaps, the "fare to be paid," but it shouldn't be a literal fare; if someone's dignity requires that of you, it's called robbery.

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