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Reviewing The Footage (Called A ''Terrorist'' By A T/O)

Posted by Nilet on Sun Dec 9 20:08:24 2007, in response to Called A "Terrorist" By A T/O, posted by Nilet on Sun Dec 9 00:42:46 2007.


First of all, please note the full disclosure, which I posted earlier, buried somewhere in this thread, but which I'll repost and expand upon here. The T/O did not say to my face "You're a terrorist." She stated (over the radio, I think, but outside the cab where everyone could hear) something along the lines of: "You're/he's taking pictures of the tracks. That's something terrorists do."

Now, I'm reviewing the footage from the encounter. I didn't get everything, unfortunately, but I'll post some transcripts. I'd post the video itself, but then the T/O and train would be identified. I'm worried that the transcript is enough.

Please note that this transcript is rough and hasty, so it may be less than perfect. Some things that are not relevant to the matter at hand (such as the C/R's routine announcements) have been omitted.

T/O, over radio, in station, in doorway: "I got the doors open in the station and people are requesting that he do not take pictures for the train to leave."

A few seconds later: "Sorry, rules and regulations, I have to do my job."

A few more seconds later: "There are passengers by my position. Where are the police gonna meet me at?"

Nilet: "Here's your rules and regulations." (Offers copy of 1050.9c)

T/O: "Show that to the police."

Nilet: "You don't know the rules of your own transit system?"

T/O: (to conductor over PA/Intercom) "You can close down." (to me) "Show it to the cops! I'm just the train operator. I'm not supposed to talk to you, I'm supposed to tell you what they told me to tell you."

Nilet: "Really? Your boss? Who would that be?"

T/O: "You cannot take a picture. I'm sorry, you cannot take a picture, OK?"

Nilet: "This says I can."

T/O: (at the same time as I said that) "...of me."

Nilet: "I'm filming the rules, in case I have to sue." (camera lens was pointed right into paper at the time; nice close-range focus, BTW. T/O says something at the same time; I can't quite make it out.)

T/O: (over PA/Intercom; certainly loud enough for people in the first car to hear even if it wasn't over the complete train PA): "You know what, partner? If the cops do not meet me, I'm taking this train out of service! 'Cuz I'm not gonna allow somebody to jeopardize what I'm doing."

(long pause as we travel to next station)

T/O, over PA after stopping at next station: "Is there a police officer on board this train? Come to the train operator's position!"

(long pause as we travel to next station)

Nilet: (while moving) *reads relevant portion of 1050.9(c)* "I don't see what's so hard to understand about this!" (muttering)

(nothing is said while stopped at next station)

T/O: (just as we begin to depart, over PA/Intercom, but loud enough for people in first car to hear even if not over PA itself) "Partner, please be advised that this guy is still taking pictures of the tracks!" (actually, I wasn't and had not taken any pictures or video other than the footage of the incident itself, on that train or in the station where I first got on. T/O also says something else, including a reference to cops, but I can't make it out over the moving train.)

At that point, the camera is turned off. I'm guessing I bumped the button. The next bit starts after we've arrived in the next station. I think we were there a little longer than normal, likely waiting for a cop who didn't come. Roll tape!

Nilet: (to another TA worker who asks if I'm the one the T/O's been referring to) "I've got my 'permit' right here. She doesn't want to read it."

(long pause, travel to next station)

Random Passenger: (doesn't appear on camera) "(inaudible) Turn that shit off, man!"

Nilet: "What?"

T/O: (over radio, loud enough for many people in first car to hear) "[Tower], come into the [call letters] out of [terminal]!

Passenger: (from before, at same time, says something mostly inaudible, seems to be along the lines of "don't film me.")

Nilet: "I'm not." (camera lens is buried in 1050.9(c) paper.)

T/O: (at same time, continuing from before) "...passengers are complaining that this guy is filming passengers on my train!"

Nilet: "I'm not! Look! I'm filming this!" (shows that camera lens is buried in 1050.9(c) paper)

T/O: (more or less at same time, ignoring me) "Passengers are complaining, I did not receive a cop yet." (pause) "I've been [inaudible, sounds like 'signalled.']")

C/R: (over PA) "At this time, we're waiting for police assistance, we should be moving momentarily."

There's also a brief remark from the T/O or C/R, but I can't make it out and the clip ends after only a couple words.

I have a brief (18-second) clip another station down the line, but there's nothing of interest in it. The T/O has gotten off the train, and is looking into a cop booth or post or something. I can't quite tell whether the cab door is open (I think it is, but it's not really clear), but I'm pretty sure the train is charged. (It didn't dump.) I briefly remark: "He's not there," referring to the fact that there is no cop at the post at that time. I also say: "And we're stop..." with the end of the clip cutting me off.


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