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Re: Respect the T/O's request not to film her

Posted by RonInBayside on Tue Dec 11 16:35:25 2007, in response to Re: Respect the T/O's request not to film her, posted by Kew Gardens Teleport on Tue Dec 11 16:21:55 2007.

"Assuming that Nilet were an asshat"

Nilet was not an asshat. Nilet wanted to do the right thing, but lacked the social graces to do so.

"That T/O *is* paid not to be an asshat."

True, and she was in the wrong. It may or may not have been malicious. But you missed the point completely.

This isn't only about who's right or wrong. This is about learning to read social cues and figuring out the subteties of public interaction.

Like it or not, when you ride the subway, you are the train crew's guest. If you get into a dispute with the crew, especially if it becomes heated, you are likely to lose even if you are "right."

Nilet's inept read let things get out of control.

He had options: Sometimes it's better to withdraw gracefully and try again next time.

If you are going to stand your ground, then you have to do it all the way. That means getting a lawyer and suing, or, if you really want to go all the way, then being arrested over and over and using a lawyer to get a final resolution is another way.

There is a musician who plays an instrument at one of SEPTA's downtown stations. He was arrested multiple times and continued to play and be arrested until his lawyer forced SEPTA into concluding an agreement with him. It is my understanding that he can now play his music to his heart's content and SEPTA officers leave him alone.

It is important to note that no train crew was involved here. No blocking the cab, no distraction of T/O, none of that.

Nilet's situation is a bit different, but if he wants to, he can try the "all the way" strategy and see if he can get sympathetic media coverage. But just geting into fights with the train crew won't accomplish anything. He's "right," but the way he handles it it doesn't matter. That's what Nilet needs to change.


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