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Re: Called A ''Terrorist'' By A T/O

Posted by straphanger9 on Sat Dec 15 22:51:52 2007, in response to Re: Called A ''Terrorist'' By A T/O, posted by Nilet on Sat Dec 15 19:06:32 2007.

Good link. That really goes along with how I feel about trusting "Phyllis" and "Walter" calling the shots. Especially because these same people who view photography as suspicious don't seem to understand that aside any kind of bomb / poison gas threat (which would require a suspicious package, not just the occurrence of photography - and do you really think someone intending to plant a bomb or poison gas is going to go around photographing FIRST?) there is really little that is feasible about terror in the subway.

think about it: if someone tries to hijack a train (b/c after 9/11 we're back to being terrified of hijackers again like this is 1995 and movies like Executive Decision and Air Force One just came out), exactly WHERE are the hijackers going to go? the ONLY place they can go is where the tracks tell them to go! and assuming they actually know how to operaate the train themselves and don't dump it, if they do ANYthing suspicious, the train crew or command will notice, and it's quite likely that the displaced T/O would say something too, and he knows his train's callsign AND lead car #!

The whole problem with false positives in security is that they deter police efforts from REAL threats...kind of like the "why you don't pull the fire alarm" rationale in that you are costing firefighters time if they're trying to get to a REAL fire if they have to come out and check on your situation. So while "Phyllis" and "Walter" are whining about photography on the subway, EVERYONE's attention is diverted, including the other geese who "want to watch." But they fail to realize that what they should be looking for is suspicious PACKAGES, not people in their Metrocard T-shirts and R-train hats photographing the equipment. Hell, as a passenger I'd find it MORE suspicious if someone was photographing down a tunnel where there was nothing unique, not if they're photographing a train pulling into or leaving a station in plain view of everyone, including any police that may be there.

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