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I was taken in handcuffs for photography at the Freeman St Station on the 2

Posted by rtype3995 on Thu Feb 12 20:54:45 2009

You heard it right....I was hancuffed and brought down to district 12 for unauthorized photography,unreasonable voice/discon,and impeding traffic....this is the story:

I was at freeman st on the 2 on the s/b plat taking pics...a officer(p.o mede/#6673)yelled to me just as I was getting on the train to leave....he asked for I.d; I showed him and he proceeds to tell me I'm not supposed to be taking pics...I told him that's not true, and I'm willing to bet your paycheck...so as we're in disagreement, his partner who is on the n/b side(p.o almonte/#3355)asked what was I doing...his partner said taking pics...he told me I had to delete them...I told him I'm not doing that....so he comes over to where me and the cop are at, and we proceed to go back and forth on what I can/cant do in regards to the photos....eventually, he called his sargent, and the sargent says I'm not allowed to take pics...I told him on t/a's rules of conduct it says we are....the sargent tells me their rules and t/a's rules are different....I told him, if you feel I'm in the wrong, give me a a summons and I'll see everyone in court...the sargent says to arrest me....so after being brought down to district 12 to get a warrant check and all that good stuff(mind u I told him I needed the bathroom and to make a call, and those things were denied until I was about to leave), I get my 3 summones(1 for the photography, one for discon/unreasonable voice, and the other for impeding traffic)....I go to court for the photography in march and the other 2 in april....I'll be weighing the other options and will look for a lawyer in addition to filing a few ccrb complaints.....so the controversy continues with whether or not we can or can't take pictures down here.....(I asked the cops what are u giving me a summons for before being handcuffed, they said you'll see it when u get it)
*also, the photos were not deleted; I ended up keeping them......


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