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Re: I was taken in handcuffs for photography at the Freeman St Station on the 2

Posted by bklyntekgeek on Sun Feb 15 17:42:31 2009, in response to Re: I was taken in handcuffs for photography at the Freeman St Station on the 2, posted by RonInBayside on Sun Feb 15 17:27:13 2009.

Most likely here's what'll happen to him in court.

If you're lucky, chances are your case will be taken to the Manhattan Criminal Court (btw if you're lucky on that day you might find a few popular music stars there too.) The day I went for my so called "discon", I ran into someone affiliated with "the game".

So hey, take it as a nice little vaca sort of speak out of the trouble lol.

Anyways back to point. Most likely, if the judge is lenient, your case will be lowered to just "discon". Stay clean for a year because this is only a misdemeanor. Get a lawyer obviously to fight the case. Tell the lawyer everything. From there you'll be fine.

No problems with records, everything goes clean after 1 year of the court date.

Take my advice, not worth fighting back with cops.

You have the nice ones and you have the ones that are just out of the academy (rookies) who think they're showoffs. Had my run in with some of them from the 75th.

Next time when a cop stops you, as some people mentioned here, keep quiet, let them talk what they have to say. Keep calm and just get a lawyer and fight back.

And yes, I also believe this was unjust.

A few years ago, I got pulled over for having a Bike on a sidewalk. I was 2 blocks away from my house. This was a rookie who pulled me over and gave a summons for a bike on the sidewalk. Claim made? "You can commit crimes on a bike"

Spoke to one of the cops I knew about it and he even agreed it was wrong (can't say the real statement but pretty much she was a b..." lol).

So yep.. Good luck with your case buddy and hey let us know which famous people you'll find when you go to Manhattan Criminal Court :D


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