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Feds Now Investigating Trayvon Martin Murder

Posted by JayZeeBMT on Tue Mar 20 08:49:59 2012

Following widespread public outrage over the killing of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin in a Florida gated community by a self-styled "neighborhood watch captain", the Justice Department has opened an investigation into the shooting.

There are so many things wrong with the way this case is being handled by local authorities, federal intervention, IMO, was almost inevitable.

Here are just a few observations:

1. Florida's notorious "stand your ground" law, which many are interpreting as meaning Martin's alleged killer, George Zimmerman, is "immune" from prosecution, does not confer this "immunity" on a person who merely CLAIMS self-defense, as Zimmerman did. The person claiming self-defense must also PROVE this to be true.

2. How on God's green Earth can Zimmerman, who continued to follow Martin after being specifically told NOT to do so by a 911 dispatcher, claim "self-defense" at all? Zimmerman pursued this boy, alighted from his vehicle armed with a handgun, confronted Martin--who was exactly where he had every right to be--and shot Martin to death. If I saw a strange man jump out of a car and begin questioning me, I'd consider my own life to be in imminent peril.

3. Zimmerman and the Sanford police chief would have us believe the 250-pound Zimmerman "got the sh*t beat out of him" by the 140-pound Martin, who, by all accounts, was "not a fighter". Yeah, right, and I'm gonna marry Mehcad Brooks tomorrow...

4. No criminal background check, drug or alcohol testing was dine on Zimmerman at the scene of the crime, even though this is SOP for a shooting death. Police took Zimmerman at his word, even "correcting" eyewitnesses whose 911 calls contradict Zimmerman's version of events. Yet Martin's background was immediately investigated to try to find some justifiable reason for this modern-day lynching. Before discovering that Martin was, in fact, legitimately entitled to be in the gated community, they were ready to conclude he was up to no good--for walking while black, wearing a hoodie--IN THE RAIN.

Yup, I'm saying without reservation, that if the roles had been reversed, that is, if Zimmerman had been black and shot a white "suspect", he'd be in a windowless cell at the bottom of the jail, duly receiving his twice-daily beating. THIW. The feds need to get to the bottom of this mess quickly, and prosecute Zimmerman for murder.


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