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Re: Feds Now Investigating Trayvon Martin Murder

Posted by JayZeeBMT on Thu Mar 22 20:59:56 2012, in response to Re: Feds Now Investigating Trayvon Martin Murder, posted by G1Ravage on Thu Mar 22 20:44:51 2012.

I would be extremely, extremely surprised if Trayvon actually started a struggle, given that Zimmerman:

Stalked and followed trayvon, even in the face of instructions not to do so;

Approached and accosted Martin, even though he, Zimmerman, was not a law-enforcement officer of any kind, and had no legal right to question or touch Trayvon;

AND did all this while armed with a 9-mm pistol.

Here is a MUCH more likely scenario. Zimmerman, thinking he'll be a big hero for collaring a young black felon wearing a hoodie, follows and exits his car to accost Trayvon. (Is getting out of your car to confront somebody the act of a man "afraid for his life"? I don't think so.) Martin, on the phone with his girlfriend, tells her he is being followed by a strange man in a car. She hears Trayvon ask "what are you following me for?", to which Zinmmerman challenges him with "what are you doing here?" Because Zimmerman is not a cop, and outweighs Trayvon by 110 pounds, it is far more reasonable that Trayvon is the one in fear for his life at this point, not Zimmerman.

Trayvon probably tried to get away from this hulking, strange adult at this time, fearful that he was about to be assaulted, and Zimmerman interpreted this as "resisting his authority". A scuffle then ensued, and Zimmerman drew his weapon and fired it when he was unable to "subdue" this "threatening" 140-pound child. Knowing he fucked up royally, the first thing that popped into his head was to claim self-defense, which, so far, is working well for Zimmerman.

Think about it. "Walking while black" is still a life-safety issue for young men of color.


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