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Re: Will Queens Bus Redesign really speed things up?

Posted by BrooklynBus on Sun May 12 11:20:25 2019, in response to Re: Will Queens Bus Redesign really speed things up?, posted by JerBear on Sun May 12 07:20:23 2019.

I really don't think bus speeds are slowing down anymore than car speeds. Buses like cars are no longer legally permitted to go faster than 25 mph on virtually every single streets. When DeBlasio was running for mayor the first tine, he promised that aterials would be exempted from this limit. Instead, they became his first target even before he enacted a Vision Zero. He called it slow speed zones. That meant tbat buses as well as cars had to slow down. And it will get worse next year with a tripling of speed cameras and changing where they will be allowed. Now they will be allowed in a quarter mile radius of a school instead of in a sraight line so virtually the entire city will be in a school zone. Instead of only school hours, they will be allowed until 11 PM and the speed at which you will be fined will be reduced from 36 mph to 30 mph.

So as people are forced to drive yet slower in the name of safety, but really only for revenue purposes, buses will also slow down more.

Back to buses, before 1969, dwell times took three times as long as riders fumbled for exact change or the drivers had to give them change. Some passengers held up a bus for 15 to 30 seconds, and 3 minutes at at bus stops with ten passengers getting on was common.

The number of cars on the road has been decreasing in recent years with many young people refusing to learn how to drive. Congestion is going up because of overdevelopment, fewer garages and parking lots, fewer traffic lanes, fewer places to make turns, many more unnecessary traffic signals, intentional unsynchronization of signals, little improvements in mass transit or roadways, and way fewer parking spaces so you must drive around much longer looking for a parking space.

I wouldn't say that I always obey the speed limit, but if I use the streets exclusively, my car says my average speed is between 9 and 12 mph. So bus speeds have to be much lower since they have to make stops.

I really don't think there are more bus stops today. If anything, there are fewer stops. If buses used to be faster, it is because of the reasons I mentioned why all traffic is much slower and it will only get worse if the city continues doing what they are doing.

I don't know about keeping track of average speeds.


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