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Re: Will Queens Bus Redesign really speed things up?

Posted by BrooklynBus on Mon May 13 08:53:42 2019, in response to Re: Will Queens Bus Redesign really speed things up?, posted by WMATAGMOAGH on Sun May 12 19:15:47 2019.

Yes, we have been through this before. You were wrong then, and you are wrong now.

The reasoning that a pedestrian has twice as much likelihood as being killed by a car going at 25 is twice as high as cars going at 30 is the sole basis for reducing the speed limit.

Let's look at other facts for once. When a law makes no sense, most will not abide by it. That's why when possible virtually no one abides by the 25 mph speed limit. If you drive you would know that and how ridiculous that law is. In fact it makes things more dangerous because it lures drivers into a false sense of security that if they do 25, they are being safe, when there are many instances when 25 IS TOO FAST. A lowest common denominator approach doesn't work for anything. NO ONE SIZE FITS ALL. Everything needs to be tailored to fit specific conditions.

No look at the cases where pedestrians are being killed. What percent are killed by cars going faster than 25 mph and what percent are killed by careless drivers turning at 20 mph? I believe those killed by turning vehicles are higher.

Now let's look at the percent of people who are killed by drivers going between 25 mph and 30 mph versus those killed by those speeding at 40, 50, 60 or 70 mph on city streets. Most are killed by those going above 40, not under 40. If someone will not abide by a 30 mph speed limit. They certainly won't abide by a 25 mph speed limit. IT IS WRONG TO RELY ON ONE SINGLE STATISTIC, when there are so many other factors at play.

Queens Blvd is safer today, NOT BECAUSE THE SPEED LIMIT WAS LOWERED, first of all because no one abides by the lower limit, but because FENCING PREVENTS JAYWALKERS FROM CROSSING MIDBLOCK. If you drove there or walked there you would know that, instead of reading newspaper articles or TV clips from Washington DC.

As far as eliminating traffic control devices, that you say make it safer for pedestrians, where is your proof that that is the case?

All those signals intentionally not in sync, that have been placed around every school don't make it safer if virtually no one is crossing there for 20 hours a day. School Crossing Guards used be the only thing needed to keep things safe. All those signals have accomplished, was to make it more difficult to travel anywhere by car as well as by bus.

Being that they are already there, they should only be flashing yellow for 20 of the 24 hours. It will be just as safe and traffic congestion will be reduced. Of course increased traffic congestion is one of your priorities, (but you renamed it traffic calming) because you and others like you just want to punish anyone who drives. Just heard a proposal today to charge drivers for every mile they drive. Of course you would support that.

Funny that when traffic signals are not functioning and are replaced by a flashing yellow or flashing red, the congestion at intersections disappear. Where I am, there was never congestion at one intersection that had a four way stop sign, until it was replaced with signals. If signals make things safer, why have many cities replaced some with traffic circles that have no signals? It is because drivers are more cautious when there is no signal, than when there is one.

Then you talk of an oversupply of parking. I have news for you. There are virtually no neighborhoods in NYC with an over supply of parking. Where there is an oversupply, there are virtually no cars either. So to say an oversupply causes congestion JUST ISNT TRUE.

And please explain how making harder to park decreases rents. Rents are the highest where it is difficult to park. So I would say the opposite is true.

As far as 79 Street is concerned, I would tend to agree with you on that point only.


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