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Re: What Really Causes Traffic Congestion

Posted by WillD on Wed Jul 10 15:28:09 2013, in response to Re: What Really Causes Traffic Congestion, posted by BrooklynBus on Wed Jul 10 10:31:20 2013.

First of all,fairness should enter into the equation.

If fairness entered into transportation in any way then the cost for using the subway would be the same as the cost to use the East River bridges.

Second, what automobile lobby?

These guys still exist. And AAA is still very active in pro-automobile lobbying despite your delusions otherwise.

Name one mass transit improvement they have opposed recently or were successful in stopping or delaying?

It's not a matter of their using their lobbying prowess to cancel project, but rather arguing for a maximal amount of money being allocated to automobile based infrastructure. With transportation funding being rather scarce any dollar spent on the outmoded idea that the city should exist for the sake of the automobile, or that we can pave our way out of congestion is the same thing as cancelling a mass transit project.

Third, you are the fool because you are so set in your beliefs that you can't even read what I wrote.

That's the problem, I've read every word you've scrawled on these op eds. Every mention you make of bike or bus lanes is predicated on the proposition that every square foot of street space needs to be dedicated to the automobile. That is laughably outmoded thinking and the exact sort of thing that is slowly strangling the city's outer suburbs.

You dismiss any facts you don't like and then harp on others that are irrelevant to a discussion just to promote your own point of view.

What facts? Where is there a verifiable fact in either your "article" or anything else you've posted on here? You assert a number of points regarding causes and potential solutions to congestion as you see them, but completely fail to provide any sources for those points.


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