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Re: What Really Causes Traffic Congestion

Posted by fdtutf on Fri Jul 12 16:00:15 2013, in response to Re: What Really Causes Traffic Congestion, posted by BrooklynBus on Fri Jul 12 15:29:44 2013.

To make a generalization that drivers do less walking than pedestrians may or may not be true.

On any given trip, a motorist is going to walk substantially less than a pedestrian would on the same trip. Is this not obvious?

I don't understand what you mean that pedestrian overpasses would not be necessary if the interests of both groups were the same.

You had said that drivers are also pedestrians. That's pointless unless you're trying to imply that the interests of the two groups converge and there is no conflict. No conflict means there is no need to get either group out of the way of the other, so no overpasses are needed.

Otherwise I don't know what point you were trying to make by saying that drivers are also pedestrians.

They are the same only as far as both grous want to get where tey are going quickly, but if too many pedestrians crossing take up the entire green cycle meant for both pedestrians and turning vehicles, there is no time for cars to make their turns since pedestrians have the right of way and go first.

One obvious solution to that is to have a separate WALK cycle for pedestrians only and a separate green cycle for cars only, at least at busy times of the day. Obviously this results in increased waiting time for both cars and pedestrians, but at intersections with high volumes of pedestrians it may be the only way to achieve any movement at all for both groups.

So the only option really are overpasses to improve pedestrian and traffic flow as well as safety.

Pedestrian overpasses do not improve pedestrian flow; they impede it. An overpass is a detour, which is an impediment. This is the sort of statement that makes me, and not only me, think that the needs of motorists are all you can see.


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