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Re: What Really Causes Traffic Congestion

Posted by BrooklynBus on Fri Jul 12 15:29:44 2013, in response to Re: What Really Causes Traffic Congestion, posted by fdtutf on Fri Jul 12 14:16:28 2013.

I cannot discuss everything in every article. The week before I discussed bus congestion and the need for off-street bus terminals. This week I discussed traffic congestion in general. I purposely did not tite it automobile congestion because I realize they are not the only vehicles that cause congestion. In Amsterdam, bicycles cause congestion so I really don't know what your point is.

I did not forget about home. Some people can go directly from their home into a garage. In NYC it is rare to find a parking spot on the same block where you need it. Most of the tie you need to ark on the next block and in some cases a quarter-mile away, so drivers are often pedestrians as well.

The reason for making that statement is not to show that the interests of drivers and pedestrians are the same, but to show the two are not mutually exclusive populations and that one knows what the other goes through. I admit that as a pedestrian I sometimes do things that as a motorist I criticize pedestrians for doing, but I don't do anything or try not to do things I criticize drivers for doing.

To make a generalization that drivers do less walking than pedestrians may or may not be true. Some days I drive but other days I walk for miles. I am the same person.

I don't understand what you mean that pedestrian overpasses would not be necessary if the interests of both groups were the same. They are the same only as far as both grous want to get where tey are going quickly, but if too many pedestrians crossing take up the entire green cycle meant for both pedestrians and turning vehicles, there is no time for cars to make their turns since pedestrians have the right of way and go first. In those cases, there either has to be a special cycle for pedestrians and another for cars (which was tried with the Barnes Dance) and discontinued, or else you have to do something to allow cars to turn or you ban turning at the intersection altogether. Banning right turns at 6th Avenue is not an option since there are right turns only at 1st Av, 3 Av, and Madison at 42 Street. If you ban the turn at 6th there will be no turns at all from Third Avenue to Eighth Avenue greatly increasing distances cars and taxis woud have to travel since left turns are prohibited at most intersections anyway.

So the only option really are overpasses to improve pedestrian and traffic flow as well as safety.


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