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Re: What Really Causes Traffic Congestion

Posted by fdtutf on Fri Jul 12 14:16:28 2013, in response to Re: What Really Causes Traffic Congestion, posted by BrooklynBus on Fri Jul 12 14:04:47 2013.

If you bothered to read my other articles you would see that the vast majority are devoted to mass transit. It was solely because of my efforts that the MTA chose not to totally discontinue the B4 in Sheepshead Bay in 2010. How do I know it was because of my efforts solely? Because the MTA told me so personally. And it was because of my efforts the B4 was totally restored this year.

It was also because of my 4 years of work we now have a successful B1 route in southern Brooklyn. Prior to 1978, it required four buses to get from Brighton Beach to Bay Ridge. Because of me it now takes one bus. So you are dead wrong by saying that for me only automobiles matter.

First of all, I have read your other articles, but I am judging your priorities based on this thread, which evinces no concern for any kinds of traffic other than automobile traffic. There's even a hidden assumption in the very title you chose for the thread: you wrote, "What Really Causes Traffic Congestion," but automobile traffic is not the only kind of traffic, nor the only kind that experiences congestion.

The only time a driver is not a pedestrian is if he begins and ends all his trips at a garage or parking lot. How many actually do that?

You forgot about home.

But also, my point was that if a driver can park directly in front of a store, she's not a pedestrian in any meaningful sense as she is only using the sidewalk for a few moments.

Even where that's not the case, if the driver can park on the same block (physical block within streets, not block *of* the street) that her destination is on, she never has to cross a street.

Even where *that's* not the case, drivers do a hell of a lot less walking than the people we typically refer to as "pedestrians," in many cases only needing to cross one street to reach their destinations.

If the interests of motorists and of pedestrians were one and the same, which I assume was the point of your "drivers-are-pedestrians-too" red herring, then there would be no need for pedestrian overpasses, now would there?


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