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Re: What Really Causes Traffic Congestion

Posted by WillD on Thu Jul 11 17:28:13 2013, in response to Re: What Really Causes Traffic Congestion, posted by BrooklynBus on Thu Jul 11 11:32:15 2013.

Thanks for rewriting my number 1. Where did I mention truck traffic in number 1? You did. I didn't.

Lets take a look:
1- We could have fewer cars and trucks on the road by increasing mass transit options and encouraging rail freight.
So yeah, you did put truck traffic in #1, as well as #6.

I also never put cars in one category and automobiles into another.

You said:
Reducing car traffic is different from reducing automobile traffic.
How is that not putting cars and automobiles in two different categories?

Do you have any idea what type of density is required to build a subway line?

Based on Washington DC, the Bay Area, Boston, and Philadelphia's experience it's pretty clearly not much more than would be required to justify a hierarchical street grid feeding into an expressway system.

but don't forget, buses use roads too.

You've already told us of the evils of dedicating road space to bus lanes through your rants against SBS. So yes, useless buses which waste their occupants time and ensure they never compete with the automobile in any regard do use roads in common with automobile traffic. But dedicated bus lanes provide a means for transit to become more attractive than the automobile for given trips by shielding the occupants of those buses from the congestion that would be present regardless of whether or not the bus lane existed.

You obviously are one who hates cars and do not care about congestion because you do not drive and it is not your problem.

You could not be more wrong if you tried. I own an automobile, drive it nearly every day, and live in suburbia. I have extensive experience with traffic congestion. I'm just lucky enough that whatever group of people decided to give me reasonably convenient access to a heavy rail rapid transit line were not nearly as foolish as you are.

You are incredibly selfish.

Pot, kettle, black. After all, is it not the height of selfishness for outer boroughs residents to demand they be given free and unfettered access to the streets in the CBD? The people who live in and around the CBD paid an extreme premium for the real estate they occupy. Yet you expect to be handed a space somewhere between half and a third their apartment or condo's size for free?

the fact is I can cite where improvements have been made and congestion has been reduced.

Okay, then cite them. Even some anecdotal evidence would be greatly welcomed in your fact-free zone.

No new cars came to replace that congestion according to your misguided theory which is only true if an entirely new highway is built.

Again, if you have any actual sources to back up this claim then that's great. But you're going to face an uphill battle countering the many cases Downs and Thompson documented in their respective works on the subject of congestion.

I have also said nothing about everything being subservient to the automobile.

Except that that has been the entire thrust of your argument against SBS, bike lanes, crosswalks, or even utility work. You're telling us the needs of the automobile driver are paramount over those of the transit rider, the bicyclist, the pedestrian, or even the maintenance of the city's infrastructure.

Green time should be increased for pedestrians where necessary

Ah, so when confronted with the logical conclusion of your argument now you want it to be everything to everyone? Except that you just told us:
5 - The only way to reduce the numbers of pedestrians crossing at an intersection is to either add a mid-block crossing or build a pedestrian overpass.
So which one is it? Either you want to extend green light times for the sake of pedestrians, even where it may congest a busier, wider cross street, or you want to greatly inconvenience pedestrians by making them climb over or under your road so the drivers won't have to contend with anything obstructing traffic. Those things are mutually exclusive and this newest "solution" would negate what you said in your op/ed.

And if you can say that a bicycle is a viable alternative to driving a car with a straight face, you are truly laughable.

I've biked to work on a few occasions, even though I live in an area which is very poorly suited to bicycling in general. Were I to live in NYC I'd definitely contemplate year round cycle commuting.

Letme see you transport a trunkful of groceries on a bike

Okay. But really most grocery stores, even in the suburbs, have some sort of delivery service these days.

travel from New York to Boston on a bike

Last time I checked that's what a train, a bus, or a plane is there to provide. No bike advocate is going to claim the bike is the end-all-be-all transportation mode. Yet we have people such as yourself telling us that the automobile IS the end-all-be-all mode, and that everything in the city must be structured accordingly.

The problem with you and people like you who require sources for all beliefs is that you have no idea what common sense is because you do not have any.

And the problem with people like you is that you don't think. Period. You managed to bang your hands on the keyboard and compose some reasonably coherent sentences, but it's clear that virtually no thought went into your solutions. If it had you would have recognized the repetition present in so many of your points. You did zero research on the current best practices and what results is nothing more than a fluff piece to make you feel better about your persecution fantasies at the hands of NYCDOT.

If I told you that people eat when they are hungry, you would ask me what is my source for that belief.

You're the one who keeps asking me for sources, and I keep obliging you. A bit of reciprocation on the matter would be appreciated, so we can find out where your claims regarding long commutes in NYC came from or where exactly road widening has lead to a reduction in travel time.


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