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Re: What Really Causes Traffic Congestion

Posted by BrooklynBus on Fri Jul 12 10:34:20 2013, in response to Re: What Really Causes Traffic Congestion, posted by WillD on Thu Jul 11 17:28:13 2013.

You take two small obvious errors and blow them into major proportions. Okay, I made a mistake by including trucks and rail freight into my response for number one which only should have included cars. Big deal.

Then you take a second small mistake in my response where I stated cars and automobiles when I meant to say cars and trucks and also try to turn that into something major like cars and automobiles are two separate things. Again big deal. It makes no difference if points 1 and 6 are combined or are listed separately. The points are still the same.

A much greater density is required for a subway line than for an expressway and street grid. Are you proposing a city with only pedestrian malls and subways with no streets? Maybe okay for a new community, but we are talking about existing cities here. Those are two different things.

I said green time should be increased for pedestrians where necessary and that means also if it is possible which in many cases it isn't. I was in favor of increasing green time for pedestrians on Queens Blvd because it was quite evident that it was not possible to cross the street at once. Now there is plenty of time to cross, except at perhaps diagonal intersections which need to be redesigned so that you cross at right angles with rearrangement of traffic lights, new lights and pedestrian barriers.

In other cases where you cannot extend green time to accommodate everyone, you can build pedestrian overpasses. No one likes stairs and I wasn't proposing that. Why could you not have at 6th and 7th Avenue and 42 Street, pedestrian ramps that start sloping up about 100 feet or more from the intersection, cross the street, and slope down? On the strip in Las Vegas there are overpasses with elevators and escalators at virtually every intersection and no one is allowed to cross at street level.

Most people would not like to bike every day. I did not say bikes are not an alternative way to commute, but that they will not be a major way to commute in NYC due to the great trip length to work. You asked me for my source, so here it is . I hope you are happy now. Next to Washington DC, NYC has the greatest trip lengths in the country.

Many supermarkets do not have delivery services. It's usually only the ones that have no parking lots that have them.

First you state that a bike is a substitute for a car and now you try to do some back pedaling when I bring up long distance travel and say all those trips can be made by rail or bus. You make it seem like no one should own a car, then you admit to owning one and driving it nearly every day and you say I am calling the kettle black. Why shouldn't I be allowed to drive to Boston instead of having to lug heavy suitcases up and down stairs via subway to Grand Central Terminal or the Port Authority bus Terminal taking an hour and a half or spending $50 for a cab at each end?

I never said anything about providing people living near the CBDs with free parking spaces. I agree if they want to have a parking space they should pay for it dearly. You are trying to make it seem like I am some auto enthusiast who believes everyone has the right to drive and park where ever they want for little or no cost. All I did is try to present a balanced system where you use mass transit where it makes sense or drive or bike where that makes sense. You accommodate bikes where you can but you don't harm everyone else in the process. I am pro bus lanes if it involves taking away parking, but I am not for bus lanes that reduce street capacity for other vehicles where that capacity is needed such as on Woodhaven Boulevard where most of the current drivers will not even be able to use th SBS because they still will require three or more local buses to access the SBS bus and bus frequency does not even justify an SBS lane, you have a much better alternative by reactivating the Rockaway line. You would need like a bus every minute or two to justify a bus lane.

And when I speak of overdevelopment, I am talking about filling every vacant lot in Downtown Brooklyn with skyscrapers as is currently proposed, and replacing the demolition of single family homes in the outer areas with 6 family condos without providing for increased parking so after six new condo developments are built within one or two new blocks, you have 30 new cars circling the blocks looking for parking spaces. That adds to congestion.

Criticize my writing abilities all you want. There are many others who think the opposite and I have been complimented many times. The problem is that you just don't agree with me so you have to attack, rather than coming up with logical arguments.


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