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Re: What Really Causes Traffic Congestion

Posted by WillD on Wed Jul 10 21:48:36 2013, in response to Re: What Really Causes Traffic Congestion, posted by BrooklynBus on Wed Jul 10 20:37:14 2013.

We are not spending massive amounts on highways,

Since when is an annual expenditure of $27 billion anything other than massive? How can the FTA's paltry $7 billion be anything other than pathetic by comparison?

You would rather these bridges collapse from disrepair so those horrible villainous automobile drivers who dare to drive a car should fall to their deaths when those bridges collapse...

To apply the strawman you invented for me to yourself, I guess it'd be clear you'd prefer the mass transit passengers die when an East River tube floods. But why don't we try to stick to what was actually said rather than what you dream up?

The AAA isn't taking any money away from mass transit. You ask me to provide sources so where are yours?

It's that blue thing in my post. It's a called a hyperlink and provides a reference to refute your assertion that the AAA no longer has any political interests.

No one said anything about paving every square foot of street space to accommodate the automobile. How do you get that from a "balanced transportation system" which is what I advocated.

How can you claim the status quo is balanced? The entire premise of your attack on SBS and bike lanes is predicated on the preservation of the road surface for automobiles. You've completely shut out the possibility of viable alternatives to automobile traffic and instead focused on the least effective means of reducing congestion. You may not support it, but if you pursue those ridiculous strategies the end result will be the expansion of highways as you make mass transit less appealing and increase automobile dependence amongst NYC residents.

The causes and potential solutions to congestion as I see it is common sense. That's my source.

IOW, it's all bullshit. Thanks, you could have saved us all a lot of time if you'd just come out and said that at the beginning.

Oh, and in your "solutions" #1 and #6 are the same thing stated in two different ways.


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