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Tuscarora Dispatch No 25 / R-32 and R-38 Rollsigns

Posted by IRTRedbirdR33 on Tue May 14 09:12:04 2019

Tuscarora Dispatch No. 25

Rollsign Readings for the R-32 A, R-32 and R-38 Car Classes

These are the rollsigns reading for the R-32 A (3350-3649), R-32 (3650-3949) and R-38 (3950-4149) car classes as they were delivered.

Side route sign outside reading:

A – 8th Ave Express

AA – 8th Ave Local

BB – 6th Ave Local

C – 8th Ave Express

CC – 8th Ave Local

D – 6th Ave Express

DD – 6th Ave Local

E – 8th Ave Express

F – 6th Ave Express

GG – Bklyn-Queens Local

HH – Rockaway Local

S – Special

SS – Shuttle

J – Nassau St Express

JJ – Nassau St Local

KK – Nassau St Local

L – 14th Street Express

LL – 14th St Line

M – Nassau St Express

N – Broadway Express

QT – Broadway Local via Tunnel

QB – Broadway Local via Bridge

Q – Broadway Express

RR – Broadway Local
T – Broadway Express

TT – West End Local

The inside reading were the same except for

GG – Bklyn-Queens

QT – Local via Tunnel

QB – Local via Bridge

North destination readings:

No Passengers
Aqueduct Race Tr
Euclid Ave
205th Concourse
Bedford Pk Blvd
207 St – Wash Hts
168 St – Wash Hts
179th St – Jamaica
Continental Av
Queens Plaza
57th St
City Hall
Essex St
Chambers St
Franklin Av
36th Street
Myrtle Av
Rock’way Pky
Metrop’n Av
Eastern Pky
Crescent St
Jamaica-168 St

South destination readings:

Smith-9th St
Rockaway Pk
Far Rockaway
Lefferts Blvd
Euclid Ave
Hudson Terminal
Church Ave
Houston St-2nd Av
34th St-6th Av
Rock’way Pky
Jamaica-168 St
Metrop’n Av
Eastern Pky
Crescent St
Whitehall St
Prospect Pk
Coney Island
Brighton Beach
Kings Highway
Bay Parkway
62nd Street
9th Avenue
95th St-4th Ave
Broad St
Chambers St
Canal St
Eighth Ave

Notes: There were some differences between the R-32 rollsigns and those of the R-27’s. A reading for the “”DD” returned to subway cars for the first time since the R-9 order of 1940. This may have been due to the fact that the “DD” was activated for a brief time in December 1962. Also for the first time since 1940 the “HH” reappears. This time the reading is not “Fulton Street Local” but Rockaway Local. The Rockaway Shuttles were designated “HH” on February 1, 1962. The reading for the BMT Southern Division route eliminated the BMT route names, i.e. Brighton, Sea Beach etc. This caused so much confusion that the TA had to post large metal signs informing passengers which line was which. Note that no provision was made for the new routes even though Chrystie Street was on the horizon.

This information comes from the February 1968 issue of the ERA New York Division Bulletin. Credit is due to the members who took the time to scroll through all these rollsigns.

Larry, RedbirdR33


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