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Posted by ChicagoPCCLCars on Sat Jun 27 09:08:08 2020

CHICAGO 'L' HAS SOME MYTHS. Spelling 'L' is not one. In maps, instructions, descriptions, advertisements...the city has always used a capital "L". Never used an "EL" or small "el" to describe its elevated railroads. The capital "L" would be surrounded by single or double apostrophes. See how you do about some myths.

Famous myth….the hills and valleys between 18th and 39th were built to help steam engines start and stop their trains. FALSE.

Famous myth…..the ‘L’ once went into Jackson Park. TRUE.

Famous myth….6000 PCC cars were built from whole Green Hornet streetcars. False.

Famous myth….a former ‘L’ bridge is still used to house RR signals over the Union Pacific/METRA. TRUE

Famous myth….unused portals on Congress line at Halsted were built for use for CA&E. FALSE.

Famous myth….subway tubes crossing beneath the Chicago River were made in a dry dock in SE. Chicago. TRUE.

Famous myth….”EL” was used as an abbreviation for “elevated” by CRT and CTA. FALSE

Famous myth….the north-side ‘L’ right-of-way uses a former steam railroad’s ROW. TRUE.

Famous myth….the downtown area, the LOOP, was named for the ‘L’ structures. FALSE.

Famous myth….all rapid transit cars built after 1947 cannot be coupled together. FALSE..

Do you know of any other MYTHS OF CHICAGO ‘L’?

This “myth post” is an outgrowth of information that presented about using the word “EL” for Chicago’s ‘L’ system. The word ”EL” WAS NEVER used by the operating companies, Chicago Rapid Transit and Chicago Transit Authority. They ALWAYS used a capital L surrounded by " or '. Allow me to say, personally, I don’t care what a person’s uses. But Facebook Chicago-L is predicated as being interest in of the ‘L’ history, I would think that people involved herein would strive to be historically correct as possible. I hope you have enjoyed the information presented.

David Harrison


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