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Tuscarora Almanac for January 2

Posted by IRTRedbirdR33 on Wed Jan 3 07:10:06 2018

This posting is a day late but it contains some interesting service changes.

Tuscarora Almanac – January 2, 1973 – The Book of First and Last Runs

Tuscarora Dispatch No. 8
January 1973 Services Changes

The effective date of the schedule change was December 31, 1972 which was a Saturday. Monday January 2 saw the most widespread service changes since November, 1967.

As is proper at the turn of the year we said goodbye to some old friends, the “QJ” and the “KK”. We welcomed their replacements, the “J” and the “K” to the subway fraternity. There were major changes to the “A”, “E” and the “M” trains as well.

Prior to the change the “QJ” had run between 168th Street-Jamaica and Coney Island M-F 6 AM to 8 PM as the Jamaica-Nassau St-Brighton Local/Express. At all other times the “QJ” would run between 168th Street and Broad Street. The “KK” had run between 168th Street-Jamaica and 57th Street-6th Avenue as the Jamaica-Broadway/Brooklyn-6th Avenue Local during rush hours only. The “QJ” ran express on the Broadway-Brooklyn Line and both the “QJ” and “KK” provided skip-stop service on the Jamaica Line in the direction of traffic.

This was at a time when each subway route had its own color so the “J” and “K” inherited the colors of the routes that they replaced; black and dark blue respectively.
The “J” would now run at all times between 168th Street-Jamaica and Broad Street at all times. There would be express operation on the Broadway-Brooklyn Line during rush hours in the direction of traffic. Skip-stop operations on the Jamaica Line would continue but it would be provided by two sets of “J” trains. Some would make “A” stops will some would make “B” stops and both would serve “AB” stations. It was never quite clear how one would differentiate between the two except through PA announcements when they worked.

The “K” would run between Eastern Parkway and 57th Street-6th Avenue during rush hours. In the early AM there would also be three put-ins from Rockaway Parkway.
Prior to the change the “M” had run between Metropolitan Avenue / Ridgewood and Broad Street M-F 6 AM to 8 PM. These trains run express between Myrtle Avenue and Marcy Avenue during rush hours in the direction of peak traffic. Under the new schedule “M” trains would be extended from Broad Street to Coney Island M-F 6 AM to 8 PM. They would provide local service on the Brighton Line in place of the “QJ”. Express service on the Broadway-Brooklyn Line would continue. Night time and weekend shuttle service would continue as well.

The IND Fulton Street and Rockaway Lines would see major changes as well.

“A” trains would continue to run between 207th Street and Lefferts Boulevard at all times. The Far Rockaway a service would now run seven days a week from about 6 AM to 11 PM. (Prior to this “A” train had not run to the Rockaways during the rush hours) “A” train would now also operate express on the Fulton Street Line between Hoyt Street and Euclid Avenue for the first time since 1959.

“E” trains had run between 179th Street-Jamaica and the World Trade Center at all times except rush hours. These trains ran express in Queens and local in Manhattan. During rush hours service was extended to Euclid Avenue, Rockaway Park and Far Rockaway with express operation both in Manhattan and Brooklyn. Effective with the schedule change non-rush hour service to the WTC was unchanged. Rush hour “E” trains would run to Euclid Avenue and Rockaway Park. They would run express in Manhattan and local on the Fulton Street Line.

Although it had occurred earlier in the year both Rockaway Shuttles services, the late night round-robin and the daytime Broad Channel-Rockaway Park run were designated as “A” trains.
Some minor changes saw the “F” running express midday between Parsons Boulevard and Forest Hills and the restoration of Sunday express service on the Fourth Avenue Line by “N” trains.
Sources: New York Division Bulletins / October 1972 & February 1973
New York Subway Guide 1972 and 1972 (2) editions

Larry, RedbirdR33


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