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Another Protest of the Bus Service Cuts - Fri May 21 in Bensonhurst

Posted by BrooklynBus on Mon May 17 11:54:14 2010

Assemblyman William Colton
47 Assembly District
155 Kings Highway
Brooklyn, NY 11223
718 236-1598

May 17, 2009

For Immediate Release: coverage requested Contact: Carmine Santa Maria
718 975-0307 cell 718 490-0109




Who: Harway Avenue residents, businesses, schools, homeowners, churches and religious institutions.

What: Rally to protest loss of Harway Avenue Bus service, subway service cuts, express bus cuts and loss of student MetroCards.

Where: Bus stop in front of “Bakery Plus” bakery 2851 Harway Avenue and corner of Bay 50 St.

When: Friday morning May 21st at 11 a.m.

Why: To vehemently protest the loss of their Harway Avenue bus line and the clandestine manner it was done. Assemblyman William Colton will reveal new legislation he has introduced that will force the MTA to notify community boards of changes that will affect their residents.


This Bensonhurst Community was not given sufficient time to comment on the MTA's plans for the Harway Avenue Bus Service which will be eliminated by the MTA with their draconian service cuts; riders are fuming that they were never notified, until after the fact. Resident and businesses along Harway Avenue never knew that their life line to transportation as well as to the rest of the borough and city was being eliminated until the MTA posted signs on the Bus Stop routes, that after June 28 service along this section of the B64 line will cease to exist.

On Friday, May 21 at 11 PM neighborhood crowds will rally outside the bus top in front of “Bakery Plus bakery 2841 Harway Avenue (Bay 50th Street and Harway Avenue) to protest the loss of Harway Avenue bus service south of 25th Avenue to Stillwell Avenue terminal. Seniors from Most Precious Blood Golden Age Club, Harway Terrace Residents, John Dewey High School Staff and many brand new homeowners as well as long time residents will gather to air their displeasure and extol upon the inconveniences, hardships and problems they will suffer with the loss of the bus service they’ve always had.

Assemblyman William Colton (Dem. 47AD) has introduced legislation which will mandate that the MTA be required to notify community boards when MTA service cuts affect their districts. “Unfortunately, the MTA was not mandated to do so before, and you see the horrendous results that happened which these people are now being faced with. But with this legislation the people will learn of their plans as its affects them and be able to speak their piece and protest at the Public Hearings they are forced to have,” said the Bensonhurst/Gravesend Legislator, adding ‘the MTA must be receptive and responsible to the riders. Let them stop taking their many chauffeured limousines and see how they like walking the extra blocks they force their riders to do!”



Assemblyman William Colton (Dem 47 AD) in response to a deluge of complaints from constituents along Harway Avenue that were never notified that their long established bus route, the B64 will be eliminated has launched a petition drive to protest the nefarious MTA action.

Although public hearings were held in every borough for the entire MTA proposal of cutting services, the communities were never told of the changes or the elimination of routes that affected them. With signage now being posted along Harway Avenue bus stops that as of June 29, bus service from 25th Avenue South to Stillwell Avenue will cease to exist and riders are being directed to the B81 along Cropsey Avenue…and the riders are angry!

“The neighborhood is in turmoil, I have never seen so many people incensed” said Assemblyman Colton, adding “seniors from Most Precious Blood Church Golden Age Center will lose half of its membership, because the elderly cannot walk the extra long blocks. Harway Terrace Co-Op Residents are devastated, the B64 bus service has always been there and it was their life line to transportation in the city, especially to the other buses in the borough, the businesses will be heavily hit financially, some fear for their survival and the John Dewey High School Kids will have to walk blocks through the neighborhood, before they can get bus service to get home and to school.” The Bensonhurst/Gravesend Legislator asks “Has the MTA investigated and seen how many new homes and condos have been built in the very same area, they’re taking the service away from…a third of the homes on every block is brand new! New homes, new families, new residents mean additional service will be needed.”

The petition to TA president Jay Walder is not supple and challenges the MTA to Eliminate Waste and Corruption! It reads “Increasing our MTA fares or eliminating services that are vital to our everyday needs is not a solution or the answer, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! We say ‘how about starting a new and better solution: Eliminating Waste and Corruption.” The MTA constantly wastes monies; overspends and can’t control their budget. Why should we the people pay for the mistakes and incompetence of an Authority that can’t manage or maintain their finances?

Assemblyman Colton will deliver the petitions before the service is discontinued and will

Mobilize the community to rally against the cuts. “I’ve learned that it is the MTA intention to completely eliminate the B64 entirely. This petition is also to protest the elimination of students’ free/half fare student MetroCards as well as protest the service cuts to the X28/X38 and N, D, and M lines. I expect State legislators and City Councilmen throughout the city will join in this fight” said Assemblyman Colton.

Service Cut Protest Petitions are also available from Assemblyman Colton’s Community office at 155 Kings Highway, ask for Mike at 718 236-1598 to have them mailed to you…or you can leave your name, address and phone number if you want to take an active role in the Petition Drive and Community Mobilization.


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