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Re: Pedestrians aren't the only ones who matter.

Posted by R30A on Fri Jan 13 21:33:18 2017, in response to Re: Pedestrians aren't the only ones who matter., posted by BrooklynBus on Fri Jan 13 17:05:16 2017.

So now we want bike and bus lanes on Queens Blvd. it used to be a ten lane roadway and you want only six lanes with only four contiguous lanes because we all know that the cars will just magically disappear and delays will all be eliminated. What planet are you living on?
Earth. Maximum throughput on Queens Boulevard is not the primary goal of society. Induced demand is not exactly unheard of either...

SBS certainly has been executed poorly when DOT has presented only the postures and omitted all negatives never even stating outright that general traffic lanes will be removed. When they never solicited from the communities the problems they saw and just dictated SBS is the answer and you are getting it whether you like it or not.
There are no real downsides. That is why this is so popular outside of your absurd little bubble. They have certainly shown that traffic lanes will be removed in places. No, they did not outright lie and say that capacity will be reduced by 50%, because outside of your head, THAT WOULD BE A BLATANTLY FALSE STATEMENT. If they didn't solicit community input, they would not have modified the Woodhaven plan so substantially. It is a shame that they have let those ignorant of transit and traffic neuter the plan so far as they have. Too bad we will lose so much of the potential capacity we would have gained had it gone as initially planned. ONLY BECAUSE THEY LISTENED TO THE COMMUNITY.

When they presented a $20 million plan that suddenly became $200 million, then $400 million, then somewhere in between without any explanation.
And as we discover last time, the $20 million claim existed only in your hallucinations.

There are about a thousand pages of SBS material that DOT has produced and the information about costs is about one page. We have no idea how much the B44 Nostrand service even costs. In one document NYCDOT states its $15 million and in another they state it is about $47 million. They also state in that same document that the operating costs are an additional $6.7 million annually, but in the staff summary, it is $3 million.
You are going to have to actually link to these documents if you want anybody to believe you, considering how many times you have simply fabricated numbers, especially costs for Woodhaven.

The B44 also was two years late.
TWO YEARS??? I hope you took the following scheduled interval instead of waiting for the bus you scheduled yourself to take!!!!

That is poor execution. There should be no discrepancies and tine estimates should be realistic.
Show me the real discrepancies. So far they have just been you quoting different numbers for different things and wondering why they are different.


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