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Re: Pedestrians aren't the only ones who matter.

Posted by R30A on Tue Jan 31 17:06:14 2017, in response to Re: Pedestrians aren't the only ones who matter., posted by BrooklynBus on Tue Jan 31 15:22:38 2017.

"Despite claims to the contrary, you still clearly do not understand induced demand. People would likely take up other modes."
I know exactly what induced demand is. People would only take other modes if those other modes improved which they haven't so they would most likely stay in their cars and use alternate slower routes further clogging up those streets and making fewer discretionary trips.

You clearly still fail to understand induced demand. Increasing capacity increases demand. Lowering capacity lowers demand.

"Yes, the community board is quite clearly anti transit considering their complaints here. Advocating against the greatest transit improvement in Queens since Archer Avenue is certainly an anti transit stance."
Again, you are just making things up. Anyone watching that video would conclude that they care very much about improving transit. It's just that they believe SBS is not the way to do that.

Yes, they oppose the creation of a viable bus system, so they are anti-transit.

Virtually everyone I hear from has a negative SBS comment for me.
Yes, Anti-transit statements tend to be made to anti-transit advocates.

Just yesterday I spoke to a friend who complained about SBS. He used to take the B46 local for a half mile. Now he has to walk a long block in the wrong direction to the SBS stop. So he saves np time with the SBS because the three minute extra walk makes up for the few minutes he may save on the bus. Waiting for the local is no longer an option since most often he can walk to his destination faster than waiting for the local bus so now rather than use the bus he just walks most of the time.
This has nothing to do with SBS.

How many others fall into that category?
Wholly irrelevant.

There are certainly more half mile trips like his than there are trips from the first stop to the last stop where passengers can save 15 minutes.
Again, wholly irrelevant

No wonder why SBS has resulted in fewer riders in most cases.
Except it has done the reverse.

The M15 has lost 3 million annual riders since SBS inception, more than the entire ridership of many transit systems.
Actually that would be 1.5 million, but that is not a relevant number as you have been told time and time again. Ridership went way up after SBS conversion.

It also cost millions more each year to operate so it doesn't make economic sense either.
SAS Cost BILLIONS!!! Does that mean it makes no sense? A few million is a small price to pay for creating a functional service.

Yet you believe it is irrefutable that it is a great transit improvement in all cases which you have no evidence to support that conclusion.
Improved ridership, Improved reliability, Decreased Runtime.

"It is just a wild unsubstantiated claim. A claim I never made."
So you never claimed that most of the people in the area support SBS.


If so, you shouldn't object to my claim that most are against it.
Major logical fallacy.

"By having separate meetings, they can avoid answering certain questions that pertain to the entire project.
More conspiracy nonsense."
Keep throwing in buzzwords like "conspiracy" because we all know that conspiracy equals crazy. And why should they be able to avoid answering questions that pertain to the entire project? They shouldn't be able to avoid answering any questions.

Yes, because it is crazy. You are clearly a conspiracy theorist.

Me: So you are saying that they still didn't know how many parking spaces they would be eliminating until they actually eliminated them because they never even bothered counting them.
You: No.
Me: So what are you saying?

I am saying you are making unfounded accusations.

"I doubt the MTA will ever answer your questions. There is nothing to be gained by doing so. Engaging a raving lunatic rarely ends well for anybody."
Another tactic of yours when you have no legitimate answer to a question. Attack the questioner.

If the question and questioner are absurd, There is nothing to be gained on their part. I believe they have correctly identified you in such a way. I believe that is why they do not respond to you.

(Gotta do stuff, will respond to the rest later.)


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