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Re: Pedestrians aren't the only ones who matter.

Posted by R30A on Sat Jan 14 19:08:26 2017, in response to Re: Pedestrians aren't the only ones who matter., posted by BrooklynBus on Sat Jan 14 18:22:21 2017.

No one stated that maximum throughput on Queens Boulevard was the only goal of society so your comment is irrelevant. Further, no one is talking about adding lanes to QB, only keeping them in tact, so your comment about induced demand also is not applicable.
You obviously don't understand what induced demand is.

Actually, it SBS on Woodhaven not so popular. Two Community boards voted it down.
Approval by community boards has nothing to do with popularity.

No they did not show traffic would be removed in places. They only stated that bus lanes would be created and three lanes of through traffic would be maintained in each direction. One had to be aware of the existing conditions and look at the maps to determine that lanes would be taken from general traffic. IT WAS NEVER EXPLICITLY STATED VERBALLY OR IN WRITING ANYWHERE. That was my point.
Expecting people to read plans and have an idea what they are talking about is not dishonest, however much you like to imply that.

There definitely are downsides, but you just can't see them or admit them.
None that you have honestly presented.

$20 million is what was originally stated at the first few meetings. You weren't even there, and I was, but you still argue.
You see, there is a problem with trusting your uncited numbers. As your CITED numbers are usually incorrect, one cannot trust the ones where you do not provide a source backing you up. Especially when you DID back it up in the past, and the source cited was the cost for PLANNING the project, not actually building the thing.

I have the links for two of them and a screenshot of the third. But what good would it do. You would only discredit them by saying something like since they were from three different periods of time, the amount could have fluctuated and doesn't prove dishonesty.
So you are folding at me calling your bluff. But yes, costs DO change. Good to see you admit that.

But it does. Because one shows the amount of federal, state and local funding received (approx. 38 million), and the other is a statement from a DOT report (2013) saying that the total capital cost is only $15 million. I will only post the links, if you admit a discrepancy.
They could potentially indicate a discrepancy, but there is no reason to assume such.

I also have photos showing completely worn out bus lane pavement markings on two different routes which you will discount them by saying they do not prove poor execution since the lines were in tact when the lanes took effect and it is irrelevant that they wore out. So again why should I bother?
Poor maintenance is certainly a problem. But that has nothing to do with SBS whatsoever, and is an issue which must be dealt with regardless of whether SBS is in place on an avenue.

The B44SBS WAS two years late. You knew exactly what I meant. It was scheduled for implementation in 2011 and was not implemented until November, 2013. You can't refute that, so you make a bad joke. Actually I thought you were making your normal absurd complaint about the report about it being late, despite the fact that there was no schedule for it. Lack of resources? Politicians being a pain and getting in the way? Whiny people like yourself obstructing?


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