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Re: oops. the full post. (Re: My Route Suggestion of the Old Abandoned LIRR Rockaway Beach Branch

Posted by David of Broadway on Sun Jul 30 09:52:34 2006, in response to Re: oops. the full post. (Re: My Route Suggestion of the Old Abandoned LIRR Rockaway Beach Branch, posted by WillD on Sun Jul 30 03:15:36 2006.

You're talking about busways. I agree that, if a substantial portion of the route runs off-street, light rail is worthy of consideration.

I'm talking about bus lanes on existing streets.

The operational savings would have to be truly enormous to offset the capital costs.

And then there are the operational problems that you haven't addressed.

As Newkirk Plaza David, other bus routes operate along bits and pieces of the Bx12 route. They can take advantage of a bus lane as is, but they can't take advantage of a light rail line unless they too are converted to light rail. (And then what do you do with the bus lines routes that overlap with them?)

The Bx12 has both local and limited service. With one track in each direction, the limited will get stuck behind the local. The solutions seem to be (a) build a passing siding at each local stop, (b) eliminate limited service, and (c) eliminate local service. Option (a) is very expensive, and options (b) and (c) would seriously degrade the quality of service to a segment of the ridership.

And what about headways? You're proposing a shift from a 60-foot (18-meter) bus to a 30-meter LRV. To keep the current level of service, headways will nearly double. Again, a service degradation. The smaller the vehicle and the shorter the headway, the better for the passenger.


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