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Re: Logic vs. NIMBY

Posted by RonInBayside on Sun Jul 23 18:08:05 2006, in response to Re: Maps and Problems with Rockaway ROW, posted by WillD on Sun Jul 23 18:00:08 2006.

"However, they are a minority when compared to the many people who are stuck riding cruddy busses across Queens, and as a minority they should not be allowed to dictate terms to the rest of the borough. Their position is somewhat mindboggling when you consider that an LRT built along the Rockaway Line would greatly increase their property value."

Ethically and logically, you are correct. Iam with you on this.

"Of course you've simply accepted their objections at face value, and in the absense of any response from the MTA or municipal government that's all that is out there. NIMBYs will always bitch, and the only way things will ever actually get done will be for those people who will benefit to override the much smaller group of people who may have their neighborhoods disrupted. In any event any disruption would be extremely minor since we're talking a grade separated right of way with room for trees to dampen noise, and an LRT built atop the ROW would have a fairly simple and quick construction period. "

Part of the reason airTrain succeeded is that we were able to show that the NIMBYs were two dozen people whose views were out of step with the community. They were isolated then defeated.

Along the Rockaway ROW, the NIMBYs are better organized and more powerful and morenumerous (but I am not saying they are a majority). So the effort to buy them off, isolate them, persuade them etc. is much, much tougher. Probably not surmountable because the "silent majority" has remained silent and will remain silent. sad but true.

At least with LRT you don't have to deal with the issue of capacity to Manhattan. LIRR commuter rail service along the ROW would not be possible until ESA is completed in 2012 and possibly even later. But your LRT idea does not have that problem.


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