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Re: Railfans and Asperger's Syndrome - find out for yourself

Posted by Eric B on Fri May 27 13:46:43 2005, in response to Railfans and Asperger's Syndrome - find out for yourself, posted by Peter Rosa on Thu May 26 15:18:33 2005.

With some of the reactions, I don't even want to say what my score is. Suffuce it to say; my wife is studying psychology, and she figured I have it years ago.

Of course; I too take trains, and every day. I'm getting one in about an hour, in fact. Unlike that other kid (and wasn't there a different one, about the same age, years ago?) I waited for the T/O exam to be open to the public.
I was always into the subway; but never into doing anything really bad, like stealing. For me, I was just different, and often not understood by people, especially with intereste like trains. For some reason I was never interested in operating. Never even watched them operate or noticed the controls or whatever. I was more into watching the tunnels/tracks ahead (By the time I was 10, I could have easily found my way in walking from Newkirk to Fordham, or Newkirk to 148. I just remember the "pfff" noise at some stations (which I know know as the "pop" of the GE controller in full service). And I knew that they had to punch at some locations, and that the aspects on those double-signals would change from one thing to the other. I was also interested in which line went where, and which equipment ran where. This particularly spiked when I grew up, and you had the major Manny B changes, and tons of new equipment coming in, and then, I discovered the ERA.
I am not into trains nearly as much as many on the board, or the ERA. I am generally intense in my interests, but they are spread out. Everything from cartoons (I have a Scooby site under this aol account), to Christian doctrine (which I participate in and have sites on on my other screen name). And now I've discovered Wikipedia. I knew about that for a while, as it often comes up in searches; but I recently just noticed that anyone could edit it. So I'm having a ball adding info to that. (Just look up "Pseudosphere" (a geometrical concept) or "Hangly Man", or the one I just did the other day, "Tweetie Pie". I also added some info to "M Train" and some other subway lines. Thanks; whoever had already posted the link to my Line History page there!☺)

Selkirk, you shouldn't scoff so hard. These things generally take time to be dicovered, as we are constantly learning new things. Remember; they though a round earth not in the center of the universe was "wooden horse poop" (or whatever you call it) as well.
It is not a ploy to gain special favors or excuses, or whatever, though some may be pleading that for McCallum (sp?). I myself don't know what they should do about him.


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