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SEPTA Route 23/45

Posted by Wallyhorse on Tue Aug 13 12:23:12 2019, in response to Re: Septa says trolley will return to the Route 15, posted by JayZeeBMT on Mon Aug 12 13:02:10 2019.

Some has, but also there has been a massive amount of construction going on for several years in that area that is going to continue for a least a few more years that would make it impossible to have trolleys running on the old route for any time to come in the near future (the next round is likely the old Family Court building on 11-12th on Chestnut that is about to be torn down, replaced probably by another skyscraper, plus you have another building there that is in the process of being converted to apartments).

It would be at least 2-3 years before they can even consider going back to trolleys there, and by then much of the rail, paved over or not would likely have to be replaced before they could bring it back as trolley anyway. Even if you do bring it back as a trolley line, you would need to keep the current split of the 23 and 45 in tact with MAYBE a handful of special straight runs of the 23 to the Sports Complex before and from there after games.

You also likely would have to add track southbound past Bigler on 10th (the old 23 trolley terminal) that would extend to the Sports Complex, likely with a stop at Citizens Back Park inside the Sports Complex (which would likely be the end/starting point for any game day straight runs of the 23 as well as the 45) before turning west through the Sports Complex to Xfinity Live and then to Broad Street, with the 45 terminal moved probably to Broad around that point (from Broad and Oregon where the 45 bus currently terminates).

This likely would also have to include where 23 trolleys could turn for a terminal as Locust (where the 23 bus currently turns) likely would not work and you certainly could not have 23 trolleys ending and starting at 11th and Market like the 23 bus currently does. Most likely, you would have to have the 23 end at 11th and Filbert and have the transfer spots between the 23 and 45 be at Noble (where a 45 trolley would still terminate as does the bus now as it always had a short-turn track there), Vine, Race and Arch before the 23 turned at Filbert to its terminal (with Filbert, Arch and Race going north the transfer spots between the 45 and 23 in that direction).

A ton of work would have to be done to get the 23/45 back to trolley and it would be at least a few years because of construction in Center City.


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