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Re: LION REPORT from CPAC Bismarck

Posted by Nilet on Fri Aug 10 08:59:57 2018, in response to Re: LION REPORT from CPAC Bismarck, posted by Alan Follett on Fri Aug 10 08:11:15 2018.

Sorry, I think there may be a problem of terminology.

To clarify: An "American" is someone who resides in the United States of America and intends to do so for the foreseeable future. It also includes people who have previously resided in the United States of America, currently reside elsewhere, but intend to return to the United States of America in the foreseeable future.

Within that category, some millions of people are told it's "illegal" to exist for failure to procure a visa, or have been exiled from their country for lack of visa.

If you’re using “American” in the specific sense of “US citizen,” their presence is automatically legal; no visa is required, and none would or could be issued.

With regards to terminology, a citizenship and a visa both belong to a category of legal documents that might be referred to collectively as "existence permits." Without an existence permit, your existence will be declared "illegal," though a visa and a citizenship both meet the criteria.

Broadway Lion has claimed that other people should be required to put considerable effort into obtaining an existence permit, yet he has put no effort into acquiring one for himself, and has offered no justification for a double standard.

It also means that using "American" to mean "US citizen" simply tries to dodge the question by definition— even the worst criminals can truthfully state that they're innocent of all the crimes that they didn't commit.

Of course, there are some millions of Americans in the broader geographical sense of “persons from the Americas” who are non-citizens here unlawfully with no visa, or an expired visa; but I very much much doubt that that’s LION’s situation.

I'm not talking about "persons from the Americas." I'm talking about Americans— people who reside in the United States and intend to do so for the foreseeable future. Broadway Lion falls into that category. So do quite a few million people whose existence is declared "illegal" because they have failed to acquire paperwork that Broadway Lion demands they obtain despite never having done so himself.

If he were, say, a closet Brazilian, wouldn’t he be Broadway JAGUAR?

If he were Brazilian, he would not be subject to US law while at home, and so the point would be moot.


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