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Re: LION REPORT from CPAC Bismarck

Posted by Nilet on Sat Aug 11 10:20:31 2018, in response to Re: LION REPORT from CPAC Bismarck, posted by Olog-hai on Sat Aug 11 09:57:16 2018.

Hey, if you're gonna open your mouth again, maybe do so productively by taking a shot at one or two of these:

1. Define "liberal."
     a. Define "Marxist."
     b. Define "collectivist."
     c. Define "national-socialist."
     d. Define "antisemitic."
     e. Define "socialism."

2. Define "conservative."

3. Define "weather."

4. Define "climate."

5. When did the trait of skin with limited pigmentation first appear in the Americas and why did it appear at that time?

6. Describe exactly what form of government you would endorse. In more detail than "small." As in, name a few government programs and/or activities that you support.

7. What do customer service associates have to do with Godwin?

8. Do you support gay marriage?

9. On what basis do you claim I'm a Nazi?

10. Name three people you believe are not liberal.

11. Where did I express antisemitism or Naziism?

12. How does an income tax attack free enterprise?

13. Where have I, quote, "proven myself a psycho" in any past post?

14. How is it antisemitic that I personally chose not to observe Passover?

15. What does antisemitism have to do with the equipment America's military issues its soldiers?

16. Do you support or oppose the persecution of Edward Snowden? Do you think he's a traitor or a hero?

17. Do you favour open borders?

18. On what basis do you believe the Society of Professional Journalists is liberal?

19. On what basis do you believe that Barack Obama is liberal?

20. How would health care be cheaper if the government stopped paying for it?

21. What's wrong with the ad Wendy Davis ran?

22. What did Stalin do that was in any way liberal? Note that you may only name things he did, not lies he told in his propaganda.

23. Name one of my "godless liberal political idols."

24. Do you favour a feudal system where most political power is wielded by a hereditary monarch but some influence is held by a small class of hereditary aristocrats?

25. Do you support the creation of an official state religion?

26. Exactly how is this article antisemitic?

27. Define "antisemitism."

28. So who do you think built the roads and the public schools? Who do you think makes sure the air and water are relatively unpolluted? Who do you think keeps the trains running?

29. Where have I called the CDC "pseudoscience?"

30. So what is your proposed plan for removing non-Jews from Judea, Samaria, and Gaza without causing the deaths of many of them?

31. What's so threatening about saying: "If you don't vote, people will know that you didn't vote?"

32. How is it "anti-First Amendment" to criticise the Salvation Army?

33. Where have left-wing policies have caused misery, totalitarianism, and genocide?

34. Do you post on Free Republic under the same handle as on SubChat?

35. How does offering to help someone make a living will constitute a "death panel?"

36. How are Iraqi children "murderers?"

37. In what way is this statement bigoted?

38. Do you believe abortion should be legal or illegal?

39. How, exactly does this post make any "terroristic threats?"

40. Exactly how is this post racist?

41. In what way am I a "hatemonger?"

42. In what way is this post racist?

43. Why do you keep changing subject lines?

44. When have I ever changed thread titles in a manner similar to your "robbed by a cop" nonsense?

45. How is it immoral to charge high gas taxes?

46. How is the existence of Reform Judaism antisemitic?

47. Did you not read the article before spamming SubChat with it or are you actually so far to the right that you think this is true?

48. Exactly which regulations do you think should be removed?

And now featuring brand-new stumper:

49. What "very serious infraction" was committed by Baljinder Singh?

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