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Re: LION REPORT from CPAC Bismarck

Posted by Nilet on Fri Aug 10 13:21:39 2018, in response to Re: LION REPORT from CPAC Bismarck, posted by Alan Follett on Fri Aug 10 13:01:58 2018.

Didnít because neednít and couldnít.

I'm not saying he should have. I'm saying it's hypocritical to demand other people do it when you yourself have not. Accordingly, one may avoid hypocrisy by either (1) doing it oneself, or (2) not demanding others do. Since, as you point out, (1) is not an option (and would be silly even if it were), that leaves (2). If you didn't jump through hoops to get a visa, you can't legitimately demand that other people do so.

Iím actually pretty liberal on immigration issues, but it doesnít seem unreasonable for a nation to want to maintain some scrutiny and control over who is admitted. Documentation requirements are a mechanism for this.

Any argument based on the security of a nation is just as applicable to the security of a state. Surely New York should maintain some scrutiny and control over immigrants from New Jersey, Ohio, Florida, Puerto Rico, and Maine?

Except that it does. If you want to move to New York, you'll need to register your new address. You'll probably need to get a New York driver's license (or other ID). If you have a car, you'll need to register it here. There's nothing wrong with any of tható but if New York declares that you're not allowed to move here unless you jump through nigh-insurmountable bureaucratic hoops just to obtain a provisional right to live in the state subject to exile at any time, then that would be a problem.

Similarly, I have no objection to the US demanding that immigrants produce documentation of identity and register for citizenshipó as long as it doesn't assert a right to exclude entry outright based solely on the circumstances of their birth. That's the distinction that Broadway Lion seems intent on ignoring amidst his lengthy lists of documents; at the end of the day, some people are born with an inherent fundamental right to live and work under US law, while other people must "earn" the right to exist through a process that is functionally impossible to complete, and this double standard is a form of bigotry that no civilised society should be willing to tolerate.

In short, if I was born with the inherent right to live and work in the US, then the right to live and work in the US must be a fundamental human right, and denial of that right to millions of people is a crime against humanity.


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