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Re: Best Article I've Read on Reasons to Reactivate the Rockaway Beach Line

Posted by Train Man Paul : Metro-North's Best Conductor FOR ALL 3 LINES!!! on Sun May 6 21:07:33 2012, in response to Re: Best Article I've Read on Reasons to Reactivate the Rockaway Beach Line, posted by clearaspect on Sun May 6 16:43:08 2012.

in the city there wont be any parking facilities

Don't be so sure about that. Just because it is in the city, does not mean parking facilities will be ruled out. Not all the stations will be fully transit accessible.

removing trees isnt expensive

A tree trimming/removal company can charge thousands of dollars just to trim back a set of trees along a right of way. Now figure the cost of completely uprooting (not only cutting down and removing the tree but digging out the root system so it does not grow back) a tree, cutting it up, removing it, and times that by probably a few thousand considering much of the right of way between Whitepot Junction and 103rd Avenue in Ozone Park is heavily overgrown with very sizable trees and growth. And not forget about vegetation spraying to prevent regrowth.

and not all bridges have to be replaced

Are you kidding me??? Most of the viaduct along 99th Street will have to come down, as many sections of it are showing signs of decay and have already been falling apart, as has been reported numerous times in the last few years in the newspapers, especially the local area papers. And did you forget a whole new bridge will need to be constructed over the LIRR Montauk Branch, including abutments. And the plate girder span over Jamaica Avenue (seen easily from any J train passing over) is in terrible shape. The only structure that looks sturdy (remember there is more than meets the eye, especially when it comes to metalurgy, just because it looks sturdy, does not mean that it is!!!) is the one over Yellowstone Blvd, and remember these structures have not seen regular use in almost 70 years, not to mention the weather and corrosion that is overtaking the structures, and no you cannot always recoat with paint. Look at the condition of a lot of El structures, no matter how much they are painted, corrosion still works thru. The El for the #6 in the Bronx hardly looks like it was completely scraped, sanded, primed and painted about 2 years ago. Corrosion is already starting to return. Remember good buddy, again it may look strudy, does not mean that it is!!!

Also most stations can be built as single island stations with simple designs to keep cost low and land acquiring to a minimum

Low cost does not equal good, lasting quality. Look at how Parsons-Archer is already having structural issues!! And the longer the station length, the more the cost, plus building accessways to reach each station, lighting, and such.

Also with all of this, there is also the cost of fencing off the right of way. Nowadays, you know as well as I do, especially with MTA-hired contractors, nothing will come for cheap, and even our estimates here of the costs of an undertaking to reopen this line might be well under-guess-timated!!!


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