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Re: Q66 Bus Stops Discontinued Every 4 Blocks Or So.

Posted by BusMgr on Mon Sep 13 16:21:09 2021, in response to Re: Q66 Bus Stops Discontinued Every 4 Blocks Or So., posted by Snilcher on Mon Sep 13 11:33:09 2021.

1. I am not certain of the origins of the name "Roosevelt" for the new avenue, but I would be fairly confident it was not named for President Roosevelt because at the time of the planning of the avenue, the early 1910s, the president was still alive, having just left office in 1909, and not dying until 1919. There are some interesting articles in the Brooklyn Daily Eagle from that decade, discussing its building, as extension of Greenpoint Avenue from 58th Street to just short of the present subway portal in Flushing (there was initial criticism for ending Roosevelt Avenue in a "field" and not continuing it up to College Point Boulevard and connect it to what was then Amity Street; but, of course, the proposal to connect with Amity Street was accepted).

2. On February 27, 1939, Triboro Coach petitioned the Board of Estimate for various amendments to its franchise, and for adding to it a new route along Roosevelt Avenue to be designated “Sunnyside-Corona.” This 4.0 mile route was described in the petition as: “Starting at the intersection of Queens boulevard and 46th street; thence along Queens boulevard to Roosevelt avenue ; thence along Roosevelt avenue to 108th street; thence along 108th street to 50th avenue; thence along 50th avenue to 111th street; thence along 111th street to Bus Fair Terminal; also along 111th street between 50th avenue and Roosevelt avenue ; also along Roosevelt avenue between 111th street and 108th street ; also along 104th street between Roosevelt avenue and Corona avenue; also along Corona avenue between 104th street and 50th avenue ; also along 50th avenue between Corona avenue and 111th street.” James D. McGann, the director of franchises, characterized this route as a temporary to serve the World’s Fair, and not to operate beyond November 1, 1940. The Board of Estimate adopted a resolution, consenting to the operation, at its meeting on March 30, 1939. The foregoing is documented in the April 28, 1939, issue of the City Record.

Subsequently, on May 24, 1939, Triboro Coach petitioned the Board of Estimate for making this new route permanent, and not just for the duration of the fair. At this point the route was designated as route Q46 (this time being measured as 4.3 miles in length) , and according to Mr. McGann, the reason for the route was: “The operation of the proposed route between 58th and 83d streets on Roosevelt avenue and between 103d and 108th streets, is presently legalized. The new route will afford the residents of Corona, Jackson Heights and Woodside, a service to the Long Island Railroad, the Independent Subway station at 60th street and Roosevelt avenue and the express station of the Independent Subway at 74th street and Roosevelt avenue. The route will likewise connect with Routes Q-18, Q-23, Q-24, Q-29, Q-33 and Q-38, all of which are presently operated by this company.” At the same times, new routes Q45 and Q47 were part of the same petition. The foregoing was discussed at the October 5, 1939, meeting of the Board of Estimate, and is documented in the November 1, 1939, issue of the City Record. Consent was granted by the Board of Estimate at its November 2, 1939 meeting (see November 29, 1939, issue of the City Record), with the franchise contract signed by the mayor on December 12, 1939.

Apparently, the Q46 route was not all that successful, for on August 21, 1952, the Board of Estimate consented to the elimination of the Q46 route, along with the modification of other routes, and the addition of new routes Q50, Q51, and Q52. The amendment to the franchise contract was signed by the mayor on October 3, 1952.

(New route Q50 was essentially the Eliot Avenue portion of current route Q38, with its Ridgewood turn-around loop at Metropolitan Avenue. New route Q51 was essentially the Ditmars Boulevard portion of current route Q69. New route Q52 was essentially current route Q69. Had MTABC been more knowledgeable or sensitive to history, it might have renumbered route Q19A as route Q51, and renumbered route Q19B as route Q52. When most recently operated by Triboro Coach, routes Q19A and Q19B were actually programmed, with respect to the issuance of farebox-issued transfers, as routes Q51 and Q52.)


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