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Re: Q66 Bus Stops Discontinued Every 4 Blocks Or So.

Posted by BusMgr on Tue Sep 14 14:36:47 2021, in response to Re: Q66 Bus Stops Discontinued Every 4 Blocks Or So., posted by Snilcher on Tue Sep 14 01:17:48 2021.

I still don't get some of the new route designations . . . they remain Q19A and Q19B in my mind, and I have to translate (sometimes inaccurately) to the new designations!

Yes, route Q38 did connect with route Q46 at 111th Street station. Route Q38 was not “extended” from 62nd Drive to serve the World’s Fair, but had, from its 1934 beginning, served the 111th Street station as a route terminus. It was cut back to 62nd Drive in 1952, presumably as part of the planned upgrading of Horace Harding Boulevard.

Service on route Q38, terminating at the 111th Street station, while operating immediately adjacent to the 1939-40 world’s site, was not created specifically to serve the fair, having been instituted five years prior thereto, by Affiliated Bus Transit Corporation in 1934. The Q38 was authorized to operate from the Metropolitan Avenue station (using the same turn-around, via Admiral Avenue, that had been used by the Q67 prior to its recent extension to Fresh Pond Road), to 63rd Road, much as it presently operates (but operating two-way on 78th Street and not using 77th Place), and then continuing from 63rd Road via Apex Place, 62nd Drive, Colonial Avenue (north of the Long Island Expressway the avenue is now the westbound service road), Corona Avenue, and 111th Street to Roosevelt Avenue (turning-around via Roosevelt Avenue, 114th Street, and 41st Avenue). When route Q46 was added to the Triboro Coach franchise in 1939, the Q38 was modified slightly, by adding additional turn-around streets at the 111th Street station terminus. With the same franchise modification in 1952 that eliminated route Q46, the Q38 was also cut back from Roosevelt Avenue to 108th Street (turning-around via 63rd Road, Apex Place, 62nd Drive, 108th Street, and 63rd Road). Thus, the 111th Street station lost two of its three surface transit connecting routes at the same time (assuming actual actual discontinuance coincided with the eliminations from the franchise, and with only the Q48 remaining). The lack of a crossing of the Long Island Expressway at Colonial Avenue was almost certainly the cause of its cutback, and were it to have used the 108th Street crossing thereof, it would have effectively just duplicated route Q23 in doing so. (Even if the Q38 were returned to 111th Street after crossing the expressway, there really is no significant passenger traffic on 111th Street, especially compared to 108th Street.)

Many routes were provided with alternative turn-back and short-turn locations, and in that respect the Q46 route description was not unusual. The fair terminal would have been immediately south of 50th Avenue (not quite sure exactly, but near the Terrace on the Park parking lot).


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