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Re: Pedestrians aren't the only ones who matter.

Posted by R30A on Tue Jan 31 16:13:12 2017, in response to Re: Pedestrians aren't the only ones who matter., posted by BrooklynBus on Tue Jan 31 14:12:46 2017.

"Proof" Is that the only thing you can say?
No. I believe I have demonstrated that it isn't in many posts, including within this very sentence!

Why is it that I have to prove every statement I make and you don't have to prove anything?
Because you tend to make assertions without any basis in reality. I avoid making such.

Where is your proof that the majority of signals are synchronized?
Where is my claim that the majority of signals are synchronized?

Of course you don't have any because the opposite is true.
Proof? (Relevance?)

They are only synchronized full time on major one-way avenues and on major two way streets in one firection only during peak hours. Those streets surely so not account for most of the street miles in NYC.
And how are street miles relevant in any way? Does not take into account usage.

And the signals that are synchronized for the north south avenues are not synchronized for the cross streets, so even those signals are not fully synchronized.
Nobody is saying otherwise.

And is certainly is relevant to the point because your entire theory that the lower speed limit does not lower the average speed is based on the premise that most signals are fully synchronized when in fact none are.
0/3. I never said that lower speed limits don't lower average speed, and I never based it on the premise that most signals are fully synchronized, nor does it have any relevance to what I actually stated.

And you make it appear that traveling a few miles over the speed limit is the major factor for accidents when that certainly is not the case.
Considering the steep slope of survival curves at the speed limit, traveling a few miles over the speed limit IS THE MAJOR FACTOR with regards to pedestrian survival near to the speed limit.

It's those going excessively fast which has nothing to do with the lower speed limit since they would be speeding regardless.
Yes, but now you can legally enforce it!

The only thing that more cameras will do is increase the amount of revenue the city collects by those traveling at 36 or 37 mph.
Any deterrence is worth it if it makes money. Generating revenue is worthwhile on its own.

As far as harsher penalties, that has to be done on a case by case basis. Tell me what would you do to that 85 year old man you killed a lady while backing up besides taking away his license? Would you fine him a few thousand dollars to make him more careful or lock him up for the rest of his life?
Are you seriously suggesting we should ignore Manslaughter based on the age of the perpetrator?

Yes we need better policing and more thorough investigations. I am all for that as well as retesting all drivers periodically like every time they renew their license. A written test for younger drivers and a road test for older drivers.
No disagreement here!

But you emphasis with the need to keep lowering the speed limit is utter nonsense because it won't accomplish anything.

Queens Blvd had no pedestrian fatalities last year not because the speed limit was lowered but because fencing was installed in the center median preventing midblock crossings by jaywalkers and clearer marked crosswalks.

We need a multi-faceted sensible approach.
Yes! So stop advocating against all attempts for such!


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