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Re: Pedestrians aren't the only ones who matter.

Posted by BrooklynBus on Thu Feb 2 00:51:33 2017, in response to Re: Pedestrians aren't the only ones who matter., posted by R30A on Wed Feb 1 16:23:47 2017.

I made one incorrect statement by accidentally inserting the word "limit" after "average speed". You fully new what I meant. (Because you pointed out the error about ten posts later). Meanwhile you used that error to say you never made the statement I said you made.

I am sick of your games.

No you can't have an honest discussion because if that were the case, you would have immediately pointed out the error.

And as I stated using the example of synchronized lights was a calculated diversion on your part. The issue wasn't if there was one instance where lowering the speed limit would not have an affect on the average speed (which you maintain is the case) but whether it was generally true or not. And your use of alternate facts that it has no effect does not change the truth that it does.

If you want to continue playing games designed just to frustrate me, rather than having honest discussions, then you can just talk to yourself.


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