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Re: LRV Close-mindedness(Re: Ron's Route Suggestion of the Old Abandoned LIRR Rockaway Beach Branch)

Posted by WillD on Sun Jul 30 03:02:20 2006, in response to LRV foolishness(Re: Ron's Route Suggestion of the Old Abandoned LIRR Rockaway Beach Branch), posted by J trainloco on Sun Jul 30 02:21:04 2006.

How is it a non-starter?

Yeah, I know NIMBYkiller was talking about running it into Manhattan, and that's probably a bad idea. However what is wrong with running a Rockaway Line LRT up to the Queens Blvd Subway and creating an underground transfer station there? Get the Rockaway Line LRV running down to Howard Beach, then start looking for other lines which can be created out of that terminal to act as collectors for the subway. At roughly 10% the cost you can get a significant amount of LRT network built while saving operational costs relative to the buses they replace. Squeeze another track or pair of tracks next to the Bay Ridge Line and give that a northern terminus at this transfer facility. Heck, you could go north from there by grabbing the Hell Gate tracks north of where the LIRR crosses under them and then doing combined street running and private ROW to reach LGA or Flushing.

NYC has crowded buses, and unless you want to drive operator and fuel costs through the roof the viable alternative is to massively increase the vehicle capacity. You're not likely to get an 80 foot AGG300 past the NYDMV, but a mid-sized LRV could certainly work. Even on the streets in Manhattan you could reserve a lane or two and install a street running LRV to replace the M15 or other buses. Second Avenue would make sense in particular because of the large distances being proposed between stations on the SAS. A surface running LRV could easily form the local counterpart to the subway express and do so at a lower operational cost than any bus.


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