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Re: Tuscarora Almanac for July 9

Posted by Edwards! on Wed Jul 10 01:40:34 2024, in response to Re: Tuscarora Almanac for July 9, posted by Fisk Ave Jim on Tue Jul 9 22:05:14 2024.

They Did make the effort,with and 9ton under car assembly,that kinda sorta failed.
It kept leaking water on passengers through the ducts in the ceiling.

Also, engineering was against the attempt, saying riders were only going to be on subway trains for a short trip, so fans were good enough.

The TA was dragged into the "future", kicking and screaming, the entire way.

When the R32s specs were being drawn up being up,Air Conditioning was mentioned, and considered, but it increased the cost of each car by the thousands...on top of the high price of all stainless steel equipment.

Of course, the TA balked, and stuck with Axel fans.
It was because they needed the cars in a hurry double time, ahead of Chrystie st.. removing as many older pre war equipment from the BMT routes as possible (and to shut up the IND managers complaining about BMT equipment fouling up "their railroad".)

The AC problem was addressed again,as an experiment, with the incoming R38s.

10 cars were given the same 9 ton under body equipment, but this time no leaks on the passengers occurred (sure it didn't 😏).

It was successful, and should have been awarded in the very next contract.
But for some reason, the R40 sloped cars, weren't designed to have them.
For the TA,it was business as usual.

The Mayor at the time, decided enough was enough, and demanded the new cars have AC.
However,it was too late,at least for the first 200 cars built.

The City insisted the R40, and the next fleet,AND ALL FLEETS AFTERWARDS,be equipped with Air conditioning.

The R40s went back to engineering, and were built with AC, starting with the last 100 slope cars and the redesigned straight end cars.

It was noted, that the first tested cars were IRT equipment,both R15 and 17s.

The IRT remained without AC until the late 70s,when a group of R33s were given a different kind of AC unit that fit the narrow car profile.
It was successful, and all the newer fleets, from R26 to 36WF received AC units.
The 33WF cars didn't receive them, and during the summer months,were sidelined, leaving Flushing riders with 10 car trains, instead of 11.

In the overall sense, it was pure stubbornness on the Transit Authority part,that kept the subway hot during the summer.

They didn't want to do it,so they didn't.. until they were forced into it.


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