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Re: What Really Causes Traffic Congestion

Posted by BrooklynBus on Fri Jul 12 01:03:00 2013, in response to Re: What Really Causes Traffic Congestion, posted by Wakefield-241st Street on Thu Jul 11 13:52:01 2013.

Yes, I forgot what you mentioned in point 2. You could also mention when President Obama is in town, but special events and parades and such will continue and you really can't do anything to reduce the congestion those events cause.

When you are traveling down a street and the following signal turns red just as yours turns green time after time, it hardly seems it is a coincidence.

The purpose of slow speed school zones is to slow down traffic during arrival and dismissal times. At 3 AM, the area should be treated as a regular street. Outside the city it is with flashing yellow signals to let you know when the school speed limit of 20 mph is in effect. That is fine. However, in the City, when years ago school crossing guards regulated traffic near schools, in the past 20 years hundreds or thousands of traffic signals have been placed in front of virtually every school and are in effect at all times when they should only flash yellow when school is not in session and they are not in sync with other signals. They greatly slow down traffic and increase congestion forcing you to constantly stop and start.

You don't use traffic signals to slow down reckless drivers. Truly reckless drivers will go right through red signals and stop signs anyway. You are just inconveniencing everyone else. You get it?

I agree with you 100% about preventing accidents. I have never seen a car weaving in and out of lanes on a highway going 20 mph faster than everyone else be pulled over. Too much emphasis is placed on parking violators and not enough on dangerous drivers which is much worse.

I am rarely in the Bronx and don't intend to ride te Bx41, but I have a friend who lives there who can give me a report. From what he told me before it was implemented, I gather he was not in favor of it but I haven't asked him why yet.

No one said anything about doing roadwork on residential streets overnight. Most busy streets are commercial anyway and I was mainly talking about highways. Of course you woudn't want to disturb residents.


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