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WMATA Trivia in Advance of Next Week's Service Changes

Posted by WMATAGMOAGH on Tue Jun 12 08:39:14 2012

For those of you unaware, WMATA is introducing what it is calling "Rush+" next week (Monday to be exact), which is the long talked about "Blue Line realignment" that will send 3 TPH from Franconia-Springfield to Greenbelt and vice versa via the Fenwick Bridge. The extra slots on the Blue/Orange line will be used by 3 TPH that will operate between Vienna and Largo. This is in preparation for the Silver Line opening in a few years, at which point some of the Orange Line trains that currently pass through Rosslyn each hour will become Silver Line trains to Reston.

I realize this isn't the most DC centric board, but there is some interest in WMATA here. So, in honor of Rush+, I thought up of (what is hopefully a fun) a set of questions pertaining to "odd" Metrorail routings, since some previously unusual routings are about to become regular.

For each origin/destination pair below, identify whether the service ever ran regularly (or runs regularly) or not, and for those that have/currently run, identify when they ran. For the purposes of this, a service is "regular" if a map was printed showing the routing in question (July 4th maps count, text in the map legend not reflected by in service lines on the map below do NOT count), the routing was explained in a map "bubble" on the side or if the routing appeared on a public timetable. In other words, odd routings that might have come up for the purposes of trackwork (Huntington to Stadium-Armory) are NOT regular for the purposes of this post.

Ready? Here we go...

1. Farragut North-Rhode Island Avenue

2. Greenbelt-Farragut North

3. Ballston to Addison Road

4. New Carrollton to National Airport

5. Franconia-Springfield to Greenbelt

6. Huntington to Rosslyn

7. Vienna to Largo

8. Shady Grove to Stadium-Armory

9. Greenbelt to Grosvenor

10. Huntington to U Street

11. National Airport to Rosslyn

12. Huntington to Franconia-Springfield

Have fun and good luck, answers to be posted after noon ET Thursday.


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