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Re: NY Post: L train almost eliminated?

Posted by Edwards! on Sun Feb 26 21:58:18 2012, in response to Re: NY Post: L train almost eliminated?, posted by Elkeeper on Sun Feb 26 21:12:34 2012.

you are not looking at the larger picture..

No one is making excuses for economic hardships that translated into crime..
However..its easy to point the finger without taking into consideration the other four fingers pointing back at ones self.

We have a more or less general idea how the "hard times" hit the more depressed nabs worst that others..
We also have a general idea how the the government turned its back on many places that were hit the hardest..especially the CITY OF NEW YORK..
But..most of all..we all have an idea how the "HOPE" was snatched out of those neighborhoods by RACIAL PREJUDICED..DRUG ADDICTION..And worst of all..total indifference by those with political clout.

I am a child of that era..I saw first hand the violence..the heartbreak..the mothers crying for their sons..the educator trying to get through to an oversized classroom,hoping at least half "got it"..or the teacher who didnt give a damn..passing the most incompetent among us. I seen the very worst humanity had to offer in our police officers..often harmfull than helpful..mouths full of hate for the very people they were suppose to "serve and protect"..
Even me..when separated from a camping group as a child..look for a POLICE OFFICER for help "as instructed"..was met with the most heartwrenching experiance in the never forgotten response of "Get the fuck outta here,little nigger..!"

yes..we have more than a idea..but when damn near EVERYTHING is oh so wrong..what do you do?
do you give into your despare..and selfdestruct slowly..or do you face it square on..and fight? My parents wre stronger than me..and they knew that "weakness" they saw would be my end if they didnt do something..and quick.
You see ..we are all passionate about something..my passion was drawing..so they sent me to art school.
no time for trouble..no time to let me get INTO trouble..and though I hated them for it at the time..i love them for it today.

Today..I carry a SPIRITUAL hole in my heart..caused by VIOLENCE..BUT I've learned to deal with it...like so many others who have been victims or friends of victims..and move on with the grace of God.
We share a hobby..but we are all connected by more..our humanity our gracousness..our love for our villiage..and each other.


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