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Re: NY Post: L train almost eliminated?

Posted by Edwards! on Mon Feb 27 18:54:40 2012, in response to Re: NY Post: L train almost eliminated?, posted by MainR3664 on Mon Feb 27 07:51:36 2012.

Family is very important..if they take the "common dysfunction",and turn it into a positive "common function"..

More or less..back to the issue at hand..the MTA's wanton abandonment of rail lines in the so called ghettos where no other viable transit options existed only served to isolate the nabs even more than they were..politically speaking..the attempt to keep the "element" where it was..thus tearing the heart a soul right out of it..and it goes far deeper than that..
It was a slow extermination..from economic depression..to denial of basic services..to drugs robing families of their heads of household..to Child Protective Services making it harder to BE PARENTS..to Welfare robbing people of their right to be sustaining[YES I SAID IT!]..
It seemed like EVERYTHING..and EVERYBODY was out to "get us" in one way or another..

Today's young people cannot see..or refuse to truly understand how difficult life was before the age of X BOX or PlayStation or Atari 2600..cell phones..walkmans..

imagine,if you will,for just a bit..the BOT's second system routes..
North Brooklyn would have received a rather large chunk of those routes..replacing the Broadway El[at least from Marcy to Myrtle]..Myrtle Ave El[All of it with the Crosstown and its branches] with new routes under Myrtle..Bushwick..Stuyvesant..Broadway..Utica..Fresh Pond rd..Lafayette..and many more!

did the depression really stop those routes from being built..?
There were plans as far as the 50's for the IND line under East Bway to cross the East River to Driggs avenue..then on to South 4th..
The reason was economics..and of course the other reasons that were layed out..

One cannot focus on what was..BUT..looking at the large holes in the transportation structure as it stands today..one can only wonder Why there hasn't been ANY SUGGESTION by the MTA calling for another look at NEW RAIL POSSIBILITIES through the densest neighborhoods of Brooklyn Queens Bronx and Staten Island lacking services..yet..BILLIONS of TAX PAYER DOLLARS are being POURED WASTEFULLY INTO the SAS,ESA 7 extension and a boondoggle situated on Fulton/Broadway called the FULTON TRANSIT CENTER[ALL FOR MANHATTAN and its real estate interest]..and not ONE PENNY spent on VITAL Connections in the so called outer boro's..YET SBS is pushed as a "solution to the mass transit woe's".

If the PORT AUTHORITY can build a brand new rail system from the ground up..why can we?


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